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    Hey guys,

    I am advertising this for my brother who is selling the few Transformers he managed to save from his youth.

    It is a complete, boxed Headmaster Brainstorm. The figure is tight. Everything about it feels new. The stickers are applied and show little sign of ageing.

    The only minor issues with the figure are a slightly loose right side wing and the face flap on Arcana is a little loose. Nothing too bad, but I thought it worth mentioning.

    Also, the box has my brothers first name on the inside of the right side flap. It says 'Dave' in black felt pen :) 

    Images can be seen here: http://s38.photobucket.com/albums/e145/roboto-chan/G1 Headmaster Brainstorm/

    He is looking for around $75 for it.

    It is located in the UK so shipping to the states will be around $20. Shipping inside the UK will be around $13. Expedited or tracked shipping will cost more and need to be discussed with me if interested in the item.

    Thanks for looking.

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