G1 G1 G1!!! And more!! Boxed and sealed

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    Jan 21, 2009
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    i can do 1000 for all my g1 stuff if anyone is interested in buying them all

    I take paypal and money order. Us only please

    Ok now to the good stuff

    MOSC Cosmos. Card a little bent but it has tape in the corners too. C-7.5 45 shipped

    Swoop box c8.5 no flap crease 35 shipped

    Superion- has all bots just missing 2 little guns and ramp. Skydives nose cone tip is broke off. Silverbold id a little yellowed. Others have some wear 80 shipped

    Optimus Prime has roller 1 missile and fists. Trailer is in good condition and so is prime but he has some chrome wear. 50 shipped

    Megatron fresh out of the box. Stickers aplied and has gun, scope, and tip of stock. Has sticker wear 60 shipped

    Superion 80 shipped
    Silverbolt is complete all but the ramp and he is a bit yellowed
    Skydive is missing gun and the black tip of the nosecone
    Slingshot -gun perfect
    Air raid complete and perfect
    Fireflight complete but missing some stickers and he does have some paint wear

    Hoist g1 c9 complete 30 shipped

    Trypticon good missing stickers and his shoulder bolt is loose. Tank is missing the the 2 side parts. 30 shipped

    Ultra Magnus with chest and 1 white waist connector. All fists and gun and head. He has rubber weals. He has some chrome wear 30 shipped

    Sky lynx lyx part, doesn't work, has some sticker wear. 10 shipped

    Perceptor perfect but is little loose. Missing accessoires 15 shipped

    Gnaw Has sticker and paint wear 10 shipped bot only

    Kup bot only ribber, little sticker wear 15 shipped

    Wheeljack with 3 missiles, 2 launchers, has some sticker and paint wear 45 shipped

    Tracks -missiles and gun. Legs pop down when trying to transform into car 15 shipped

    Jazz complete, a little ywllowed and has minor sticker wear 25 shipped

    Ratchet the bot is perfect, but the trailer has a broken off siren and has chrome wear and is yellowed 10 shipped

    Swoop bit only perfect accept his head is broke off and missing 10 shipped

    Bombshelle perfect but has some chrome wear and is missing the gun 6 shipped

    Ironhidelittle wear. has 1 missile 8 shipped

    Astrotrain complete but has some paint wear and a little sticker wear 20 shipped

    Whirl bot only a bit loose 15 shipped

    Scattershot with computron chest, spring works. 18 shipped

    Octain has some sticker and paint wear, and shield 12 shipped

    Cliffjumper red #1 loose head and arms, has paint wear 4 shipped

    Cliffjumper Red #2 arms a bit loose

    Cliffjumper yellow has sticker and paint wear adn loose 6 shipped

    Pipes chrome wear, has silver paint on leg and back of truck cab 4 shipped

    Beachcomber perfect 8 shipped

    Seaspray a bit loose and a bit yellowed 4 shipped

    Rewinde bot only, has some paint wear 8 shipped

    Swindle has sticker wear bot only 8 shipped

    Frenzy missing neck spring, gold weapon ver. complete 9 shipped

    Starscream- small missiles, stickers, 1 long missile, and landing gear. 25 shipped

    Nosecone bot only perfect 8 shipped

    Sinnertwin neck broke bot only tight, 4 shipped

    Hun-Grrr a bit yellowed, bot only 8 shipped

    Searchlight yellowed 4 shipped

    Freeway perfect 7 shipped

    Dead end black gunk all over him free

    Blitzwing #1 has gun and turret but has sticker wear. 10 shipped

    Blitzwing #2 with turret great stickers but has a stressed wing tip. with sword 12 shipped

    Galvatron has sticker wear and a bit o' chrome wear missing gun 20 shipped

    Blurr bot only,loose and yellowed, has sticker wear 5 shipped

    Hot Spot with chest plates 2 guns, left fist, right foot, has some sticker wear 20 shipped

    Drag strip bot only perfect condition 8 shipped

    Overdrive has chrome wear, no stickers, and is loose. Bot only 5 shipped

    Topspin complete has some sticker wear, 5 shipped

    Twin twist complete has some sticker wear, 5 shipped

    Thundercracker missing landing gear, missiles and smallest r wing 15 shipped

    Battletrap bots only, 7 shipped

    Quickmix bot only perfect condition, 8 shipped

    Seawing bot only perfect 5 shipped

    Cutthroat bot only perfect 5 shipped

    Chop Shop little loose, has some paint and sticker wear, bot only 8 shipped

    Divebomb with wings, metal 12 shipped
    Tantrum metal, bt only 10 shipped
    Rampage plastic bot 10 shipped
    Razorclaw plaastic with sticker wear 10 shipped
    Galvatron has some wear, bot only 8 shipped
    Onslught with large gun 9 shipped
    Breakdown bot only 5 shipped
    Dragstrip bot only X2 5 shipped each
    Metroplex with fists and knees. Has minor sticker wear 20 shipped
    Thrust bot with wings guns, missile launchers, fists, and 1 long missile 30 shipped
    Devestator with head, fists, hip, leg connector, hooks hook, and 2 drill bits. 1 has chrome wear.Some of the 6 figures are a bit loose 55 shipped
    Jetfire with all armor accept the smallest leg armors and gun clip. very little wear and yellowing 50 shippeD
    Blaster loose with sticker wear free with 30 dollar purchase, 5 shipped
    Steeljaw sticker wear bot only 5 shipped
    Inferno no lader extension has some chrome wear 10 shipped
    Warpath little loose 5 shipped
    Downshift back left wheel is broke off but included 5 shipped
    Topspin bot only has sticker wear 3 shipped
    Twin Twist bot only has sticker wear 3 shipped
    Soundwave little loose but has batteries and cover. Deck works too. 12 shipped
    Slugfest bot only 8 shipped
    Starscream has all wings accept the smallest ones. No landing gear fists or missiles 14 shipped
    Ironhide bot only with little paint wear 5 shipped
    Ironhide #2 with trailer , little paint wear, chrome wear and 1 tread 6 shipped
    Wheeljack bot only with little paint wear. Includes broken missile launchers 18 shipped
    Jazz with launcher and a missile. Has some yellowing and paint wear
    Gears has wear 2 shipped
    Brawn perfect but he is missing arms 3 shipped
    Windcharger, broken off wheel but included 2 shipped
    Huffer good condition 5 shipped

    Jetfire yellowed and broke off backpack. Missing smallest leg clips, and gun clip. Some armor is broke 20 shipped

    Hound has sticker wear, handgun, gas can, and alt mode gun. Has some paint wear. 25 shipped

    Junker grimlock bot only loose and has wear 8 shipped

    Soundwave missing 2 missiles, and is a bit loose. Has some wear 18 shipped

    fastlane has sticker wear, bot only 5 shipped

    Ramjet bodies 1 perfect, 1 junk 10 for both shipped

    Thrust #1 has bot, r fist, launcher, and big left wing. 12 shipped

    Thrust #2 bot right fist, big left wing, 10 shipped

    Now for the other tfs

    Ressiue Hasbro comerative hoist mib complete 12 shipped
    Reissue prime mib complete 25 th anniversary 35shipped

    Botcon 2009 box 40 shipped Make your loose set Mint in box!
    Flack 35 shipped
    buy both for 65 shipped!!!

    ROTF- all items are mint in box and complete or moc and complete
    Demoloshor 18 shipped

    Cyber mode prime complete 9 shipped
    Lockdown complete 9 shipped
    Oil Slick complete 9 shipped
    Bumblebee complete 9 shipped
    Swindle - missile 4 shipped
    Prowl complete 9 shipped
    Blackaracnia complete 9 shipped
    Bulkhead mib complete 17 shipped
    Grimlock misb 19 shipped
    Activators 5 shipped each
    Bulkhead moc
    Megatron moc
    Grimlock moc
    Mc donalds full us set for 7 shipped

    Movie 1
    Arcee complete 8 shipped
    Autobot Jazz complete 8 shipped
    Barricade complete 8 shipped
    Decepticon Brawl complete 8 shipped
    Dreadwing complete 8 shipped
    Landmine complete 8 shipped
    Longarm complete 8 shipped
    Premium Bumblebee with Battlemask complete 8 shipped
    Scorponok complete 8 shipped
    Stealth Bumblebee complete 8 shipped
    Stockade complete 8 shipped
    Swindle complete 5 shipped
    Booster X10 complete 5 shipped
    Meantime complete 5 shipped
    Speed Dial 800 5 shipped
    Spy Shot 6 5 shipped
    Zoom Out 25X 5 shipped
    Autobot Ratchet complete 15 shipped
    Blackout complete 15 shipped
    Incinerator complete 15 shipped
    Take it all for 200 shipped

    Attacktix 1each plus shipping
    Skybite jet mode
    Skyblast bot

    Universe 1
    Sunstorm complete 10 shipped
    Depthcharge -a disk 15 shipped
    Red X-brawn 9 shipped

    Sideways with Crosswise and Rook complete 9 shipped
    Demolishor no minicon 6 shipped
    Hoist no minicon 6 shipped
    Sideswipe bot only free with armada purchase
    Red Alert with Longarm (Powerlinx) 20 shiped
    Minicons 8 shipped each complete
    Adventure Team (Dune Runner, Iceberg, Ransack)
    Air Assault Team (Jetstorm, Runway, Sonar)
    Space Team (Astroscope, Payload, Sky Blast)
    Street Speed Team (Backtrack, Oval, Spiral)
    take them all for 90 shipped

    RID All complete
    Grimlock 8 shipped
    Heavyload 8 shipped
    Wedge 8 shipped
    Armorhide 5 shipped
    Ro-Tor 5 shipped
    Rollbar 5 shipped
    Side Burn no gun 7 shipped
    Autobot 3-Pack (Nightcruz, Mirage GT, Scavenger) 11 shipped for all or 4.50 shipped each
    Mirage GT
    50 shipped

    Beast Machines
    Buzzsaw complete 5 shipped
    Ultra class Nightscream complete mib 23 shipped
    take both for 25 shipped

    Beast Wars all complete unless noted
    Tripredacus - 1 missile 16 shipped little yellowed
    Optimus Primal vs Megatron 10 shipped
    Optimus Primal 17 shipped
    Megatron can't find throat 14 shipped
    Drill Bit 5 shipped
    Insecticon 5 shipped
    Claw Jaw 5 shipped
    Lazorbeak 5 shipped
    Spittor 5 shipped
    Terrorsaur - gun 4 shipped
    Bantor 5 shipped
    Optimus Minor moc 8 shipped
    Cheetor 8 shipped
    Cybershark - side fins 6 shipped
    Jetstorm 8 shipped
    Retrax 8 shipped
    Poison bite 8 shipped
    Rampage might have missiles 15 shipped
    Waspinator 8 shipped
    Airazor 8 shipped
    Optimus Primal 13 shipped
    Scavenger 12 shipped
    Transmetals 2
    Cheetor 8 shipped
    Dinobot 8 shipped
    take them all for 225 shipped

    Binaltech Items are mib and complete
    Grimlock 55 shipped
    Ravage 55 shipped
    Buy both for 90 shipped
    Will post more later!! So check back
    many many more to come
  2. TransFan1996

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    Jan 21, 2009
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    Everything listed but tec spec and instructions for g1 and a few loose aec figures
  3. TransFan1996

    TransFan1996 Well-Known Member

    Jan 21, 2009
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  4. TransFan1996

    TransFan1996 Well-Known Member

    Jan 21, 2009
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    Someone interested in the whole g1 lot. so it is all on hold.
  5. Dr.Cox

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    Nov 26, 2009
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    you have listed 2 optimus primals. Whats the difference?
  6. battlefudge

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    Apr 7, 2008
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    Hey your box is full,
    Please PM me if the following are still available:
    Just wondering how much this would be with shipping to Canada B3M3M9?

    Frenzy missing neck spring, gold weapon ver. complete 9 shipped
    Dead end black gunk all over him free
    Seawing bot only perfect 5 shipped
    Divebomb with wings, metal 12 shipped
    Tantrum metal, bt only 10 shipped
    Huffer good condition 5 shipped

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    interested in Octane, pm box full, shoot me a message


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