G1 Frenzy 100%

Discussion in 'Wanted Items' started by Spitzadome, Jun 26, 2010.

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    Looking for G1 Frenzy 100% in good condition, nothing broken. C7 or above. Metal feet and can have gold or silver weapons. Also looking for these weapons ROADBUSTER- 2X missiles, SUPERION- set of fists and ramp, PIRANACON- 5X small connectors for stands and 1X stem for stand, ABOMINUS- set of feet, set of fists and Abominus head, TRYPTICON- 2X single nib gun base connectors and Full Tilt's small gun, FORTRESS MAXIMUS- radar, blue rifle, blue double barrel weapon, cerebros gunX2, cog gun and cog/grommett, DEVASTATOR- 2X right arm, large missile mount, small waist wing, single laser X2, twin laser, mixmaster small black gun, scavenger small black gun X2 and scrapper small black gunX2. Postage will be to Madison,WI,53718.

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