G1 Fortress Maximus Bone white Plastic

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    G1 Transformer Fortress Maximus Headmaster Classics Hasbro (Bone White Plastic!) | eBay

    Up For Auction is "Fortress Maximus"
    AKA "Fort Max"
    The Biggest Transformer Ever Made!!!
    I am the original own of this Fort Max that I received way back in the Christmas of 87! I was hoping to peice it back together again threw ebay but i just dont think i have the money or the time to do so. I am also selling because the room on my classics Transformers shelve is to small to hold him in my collection.
    This Fort Max is in played with condition. His Internal elevator works perfectly. Its plastic is still white and gray with no yellowing. It has very good ratcheted joints in its shoulders, elbows, hips, knees, and feet. He holds its stands very well and has no problem holding his body up or arms. All of his body mounted cannons hold in well to the clips, with no cracks or stress marks in any of his plastic.
    His Headmaster cyebros is missing his own Headmaster Spike but is still in great shape for being a 25 year old Transformer.
    It's stickers are worn and It could use a new set from Reprolabels.com.
    He is missing.
    -Cog(Grommet and Gasket).
    -The center radar disk.
    -The right arm ramp and half of the left arm ramp.
    -Both hip cannons and his two hand held riffles.
    This Fort Max is the center of my Transformers shelf but agin I just don't have the room for him anymore.
    In my Pictures I tried to show all of his fort modes, some display options and the condition of him as a whole. But I may have missed something since he is a Very Big Transformers so if you have any questions please ask.

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