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    Vintage Originals (these are all complete, tight joints and have no yellowing)
    Metroplex rubber tire/chrome legs version C9.5 100% complete, 1 missile still on tree $120
    Blades C8.5 metal v. (some minor paint chips) complete with reprolabels, $25
    First Aid C8.5 (plastic v.) complete with reprolabels $25
    Seaspray C9 $8
    Warpath C8.5 (stress mark on back) $6
    OVerkill C9 complete $25
    Micromasters Battle patrol C9.5 complete $12
    Micromasters Race Car Patrol C9 complete $12
    Micromasters Air Strike Patrol C9 complete $12

    Reissues (all opened mint and complete stickers applied)
    TRU Hot Rod MIB $30
    TRU Inferno MIB $30
    SDCC Blaster MIB $50

    I dont have pics of every bot individually, but you can seem them in some of these pictures
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