G1 Constructicons "Contradicted" origins

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Which of their Origins do you believe?

  1. A. Megatron built them on earth

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  2. B. They were good guys on Seibertron until megatron reprogrammed them

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  3. C. They were 8 Constructicons on Seibertron and they built Megatron. Road Hauler was a team member.

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  1. Lone Cat

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    For G1 fans (yeh... i believe there are ALOT here) who watched the cartoon
    You've witnessed the "Contradicted" origins of Constructicons team. didn't you?
    A. In Season 1, Megatron built Constructicons on earth, Thus Constructicons are born Decepticons.
    B. In Season 2 "Secrets of Omega Supreme". Constructicons did exists before the Great War and they were "good" robots until they wre brainwashed by Megatron via Robo Smashers. This device has irreversible effect that even if one made another Robo Smashers and uses on the same robot that has been "Robo Smashed", the TF robot can't regain it's original "self"
    C. In Season 3 "Five Faces of Darkness". Constructicons did exists on Seibertron and there were originally 8 Constructicons! (not sure that 4,000,000 years before the Ark crashed on earth.... they can combine into Devastator) even so they built Megatron.
    Road Hauler (?) did appeared as a team member... how come he choose Autobots so easily even if he was one of the creators of what that will eventually be a nemesis to Autobots?

    About A. It is Toei story (?) and it is said to be the best. The reasons of this creations are because of Megatron teams is lack of a proper landbound troops and in a dire need (Did seekers vulnerable when transform into robot mode and fights on the ground?)
    I believe that The B. is pun to Diaclone Kensetsusha Robo (see below)
    YouTube - Diaclone: "Construction Robo" which in Diaclone storyline. there were "heroic" combiners whom fought alongside Train Robo (Trainbots, HM Only!). much later... there were Micromaster construction combiners available onto both side. one is Decepticon with G1 colour scheme Constructicon Devastator (Micromaster) - Transformers Wiki , the other is Autobot with (it appears to be??) Diaclone colours Sixbuilder - Transformers Wiki
    Both are made with same mold and can combine.
    About C. it is simply AKOM's QC Failure. i've saw Thai TF fans criticized AKOM's made G1 cartoon (Season 3 and TF: 2010) as "The Worst in both storyline and graphics".
    Then Again. Japanese G1 fans took the Korean-made storyline too seriously! Constructicon-colour Grapple exists and released as Road Hauler. Hauler - Transformers Wiki .

    Which "Origins" do you like best/believed to be "the most canonical" ones?
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    This topic is being discussed over here.

    And for the record....theres no real in story contradiction.

    A] Megatron built them "new bodies" on earth.Megatron never claimed to have built them from scratch.

    B] A flash back shows how Megatron reprogrammed them.

    C] Once there were more then 6 members.......and apparently they had something to do with Megatron creation.And thats even if its the same team and not just some generic green robots.

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