G1 complete figures and some boxes

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    getting rid of some stuff
    All my grading is pretty stop on. I've never had anybody complain, I tend to undergrade rather than overgrade. PM if interested please.

    G1 complete nothing missing
    Squeezeplay-c9 50$
    Fangry -c8 45$
    Hardhead-c8 50$
    Chromedome-c8 50$
    Chromedome c9+-55$
    Skullcruncher c8+ 50$
    Weirdwolf c8 50$
    Apeface c8.5 55$
    Apeface missing Gun -45$
    Wreck gar c8 40$
    Pointblank c8 50$
    Snapdragon c9 with instructions/techs -65$
    Hosehead complete c9- 65$
    Sixshot complete c8+ 50$

    Repugnus and doublecross complete c8.5, both still spark-65$ for both.

    G1 Quickswitch MIB. Box is c8+-c8.5 Figure is mint, Styrofoam is mint.-100$
    G1 Pretender Skullgrin MISB box is c8 -100$
    G1 Brainstorm MI(S)B Sealed. box is c7 150$

    G1 boxes

    G1 Pretender Iguanus box with insert (canadian version-identical to american version but with french subtitles) c8.5 30$

    G1 Pretender Gunrunner Box with insert. box is Crap, Inner inserts are in good shape. -15$

    40$ for both pretender boxes.


    G1 dreadwind junker
    Bludgeon- shell and robot

    I'll add more later. thanks.

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