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    Rules and Stuff:

    NO TRADES - (Except for TFCC Punch/Counterpunch)

    No HOLDS.
    Paypal - Prefer Gift or you pay the fees

    Feedback - http://www.tfw2005.com/boards/junkion-exchange-feedback/87504-grendel1979.html

    Please PM me if you are interested. Try and keep thread responses to a minimum. I go in order received with two exceptions:1. If you offer less than asking price I will skip down to the next offering full price & 2. Preference giving to individuals buying multiple bots.

    I charge only actual shipping. Pics soon.

    Series Bot Price
    Beast Wars Optimal optimus 35 complete
    Classics Astrotrain 25 1 missing gun, Has instructions
    Classics Devastator 100 complete
    Classics Jetfire 40 complete
    Classics Megatron 25 complete
    Classics Prowl 20 complete
    Classics Rodimus 35 complete
    Classics Starscream 30 complete
    Energon Barricade 30 complete
    G1 Barrage 75 complete
    G1 Blaster 20 no gun
    G1 Dirge 35 complete
    G1 Fast Track (Scorponok) 10
    G1 Full tilt (trypticon) 15
    G1 G1 Broadside 40 Has missle & Axe only
    G1 Galvatron 35 complete
    G1 Hardhead 60 Missing green guns
    G1 Hosehead 80 complete
    G1 octane 25 bot and gun only
    G1 Prehistory Sludge 40 no accessories
    G1 Ramjet 50 complete
    G1 Reflector 100 Only 1 missle
    G1 Scourge 50 complete
    G1 Shockwave $100 complete
    G1 siren 65 bot, HM, and gun
    G1 Skullcruncher 70 complete
    G1 Skullgrin 30 missing belt
    G1 Soundwave 75 complete w/buzzsaw
    G1 Squalkbox 40 No weapons
    G1 Weirdwolf 90 complete
    Universe Ironhide 25 complete

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