G1 bumblejumper, Searchlight, beachcomber and parts wanted

Discussion in 'Wanted Items' started by Mark94, Feb 25, 2010.

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    May 4, 2008
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    Anyone have a Bumblejumper for sale in good shape that isn't a ridiculous price?

    Also looking for the following:
    1. G1 beachcomber (tires can't be deformed)
    2. Throttlebot searchlight (no yellowing)
    3. Springer (need good stickers and little to no chromewear)

    Need the following G1 parts:
    1. Mirage rifle and missiles
    2. Scattershot shoulder rifle (x1)
    3. Blastoff side cannons (both left and right)
    4. Blastoff rifle
    5. Onslaught ramp
    6. Ratbat silver weapon (x1) - not sure if they are identical, if not, I need the right one
    7. minobt Outback cannon
    8. Topspin gun
    9. Predacon swords
    10. Nautilator claws (both)
    11. Seawings guns that attach under the wings (both)
    12. Seacon stands
    13. Laserbeak/buzzsaw weapons (both)

    Let me know what you have.

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