Fan Art: G1 Bombshell's head laser thingy + me = need?

Discussion in 'Requests' started by LegoNinja, May 6, 2008.

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    I yanked off deluxe brawl's head popped it onto 70's cam BB deluxe and decided to make it into a bombshell version, but I need bombshell's little head laser thing. I plan to paint and mod him up a bit but all this is right now is a head swap and mis-transform + proto-ops gun which will be modded to fit where bb's missle gun things sit in his alt mode. Soooo if anyone has a good idea where I can get that over the head piece (I'm hoping to not have to buy a bombshell but i did read somewhere that a loose one doesn't cost too much?) I plan on cutting that head laser down so it fits on that hood part that sits over his head to look like a wierd engine/air scoop thing in the alt mode.
    This may count as repaint/minor mod but the moderators can do whatever they want with this :) 

    Comments, suggestions yadda yadda welcome.

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