G1, Armada, Cybertron Lot - Perfect Starter Collection!!

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    I am selling the following as one lot:

    I am selling the following as one complete lot:

    - G1 "Toys 'R' Us Reissue" Optimus Prime; Mint-in-Box, opened, w/ stickers applied and custom-made "Matrix of Leadership"
    - G1 Takara Collection #6 Megatron - Mint-in-Box, opened, stickers unapplied, unmodified gun barrel
    - G1 "Toys 'R' Us Reissue" Soundwave - Mint-in-Box, opened, stickers unapplied
    - G1 Bumblebee, Brawn, and Cliffjumper reissue keychains (no keychains though)- Mint condition, except Bumblebee has slight wear

    - Armada Unicron - Mint, out of box w/ instructions

    - Cybertron Primus - Mint, out of box w/ instructions and four Cyber Keys!!!

    - R.I.D. Ruination (G1 Bruticus Repaint!!!) - Mint, out of box, no instructions

    - OptiMash Prime Mr. Potato Head (MIB)

    - Megatron Transformers Movie Lithograph

    All figures have their complete accessories!!!

    I am selling the lot for $300 PayPal (including shipping) Please PM if interested! Must sell asap!!!!




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