G1 Animated Shockwave/Universe 2.0 Ratbat for Sale

Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by flamingunicron, Apr 3, 2009.

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    I got the Target Shockwave/Bumblebee 2-pack for sale. This wasn't originally mine, i got it from a friend. The box has been severely crushed at the bottom. However, from what i can tell everything is still complete and sealed. The set was damaged by his younger cousin basically. The instructions are complete but they appear to have some water damage. I'm sure you could find instructions online if you really wanted. If not I'll give you my original Shockwave instructions instead. I don't have instructions for Bumblebee however. The figures appear to be complete from the looks and still sealed.

    Here are some pictures: HOLD


    More pictures availible upon request. The are pen marks so you can't return the figure, at least the box. I can also split up the figures if the offer is good enough. PM with offers. Priority Shipping will be $8 with box. If you want i can remove them from the box, and shipping should be cheaper.

    I also have Universe 2.0 Ratbat for sale $15 shipped in US

    Thanks for looking! If you have any questions pm me

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