Future Shock

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    This will be something I'll update over the next on coming weeks. This would be the first time that I posted one of my own stories openly.

    Characters image:
    Omega Primax: FP Steel Core
    Warcry: FP Warcry
    Flameblast: FP Flameblast
    Valkarie: Blue Motobot
    Rattrap: S.W.A.T like features on a more machine like version of his Transmetal self.

    Shockwave: G1 look early one, ends up in DOTM style look as Predacon self and around Beast Wars Megatron's height.
    Terradive: HFTD character
    Backfire: DOTM character
    Hailstorm: HFTD character
    Bludegon: ROTF TRU exclusive character
    Crossfire: DOTM Backfire from Kmart's Autobot Daredevil Squad.

    A shuttle emerges from warp and the being inside is completely shocked by what he sees. As a wave of confusion over came him, he said to himself. “Is this Cybertron? What kind of event led to this…..this……this…situation?” As he looks at the planet from orbit, he is so taken back from he sees, that he didn’t notice the planet’s defense guns firing at him. The next thing he knows, he is crashing towards the surface and he leaps out before impact and gets tangle up with some tecnhnorganic vines.

    On another part of the planet, the Beast Wars and Cybertron Liberation war veteran, Cheetor is being given information about what has taken place by the Cybertron Elite Guard. He said “So our defense systems shot down a vessel with a Decepticon era shuttle number?” The Elite Guard member named Warcry responds to him. “At first we thought it was some kind of old Great War space debris, but then we noticed it had a warp trail.” Cheetor now even more curious about what has happened asked. “Where did it crash at?” Warcry brings up a holographic map of Cybertron and points to the area. Saying “Around the former Sea of Rust area of the planet, sir.”

    At the crash site, the pilot comes online to see a statue of the historic Autobot leader, Optimus Prime. He looks up at it for a moment with past thoughts rushing in his head, when the head of the statue is blown off. He quickly turns around to see a jet flying over and he lets “A Seeker?” as the jet transforms in front of him. He then sees himself with a trident in front of his face. He asks the new bot “Are you a Decepticon?” The jet transformer is taken back by this saying “Decepticons were upgraded three hundred years ago and became Predacons. I’m one of them, the name is Terradive. You would be who?” The towering figure rises up and responds “They called me, Shockwave. You know, I used to rule this planet once and then some big transforming planet came and I had to leave. Tell me Terradive, what have I missed?”

    Cheetor walks out of the Elite Guard office in New Primal City and meets up with a former soldier in the Great War. He said “Grimlock, always a pleasure to see you around.” Grimlock responds “Not often that I get a young bot to come visit me, what do you need?” Cheetor turns on a device in his hand and shows off a holographic image of a Decepticon shuttle. Grimlock’s optics widen as he looks at it. “I remember seeing this shuttle back in 2005, that’s Shockwave’s shuttle.” Cheetor now in a state of shocked responds “I thought Shockwave died in the Unicron attack?” Grimlock started to laugh as he said “Please, he’s all talk and no action. When the slag hits the fan, he runs. He ruled Cybertron for millions of years and couldn’t even defeat the Autobots on it at the time.”

    Near the crash site, Shockwave asks “So this Optimus Primal; is he around?” Terradive responds “No, he died twenty years ago in a battle to the death against that Predacon idiot.” Shockwave looks around as he said “Then why do I detect the Matrix?” Terradive stands up and responds to him. “Following the death of Optimus Prime, the Matrix was handed back to Rodimus Prime. He died when the Predacon idiot took over and Grimlock fled the planet with it. Following Cybertron’s liberation, it was given to the next chosen one. That would be Optimus Prime’s direct descendent, Omega Primax.”

    Cheetor runs back into the Elite Guard office and shouts “Warcry! Flameblast! Come with me now, Shockwave is back.” Just as he was turning around, he walks into an old friend. “Commander Rattrap, how’s the new body?” Rattrap responds “Eh beats the wheels I had. So what got you’re gears in a grind?” Cheetor replied “Shockwave, he’s back. We need to find Primax.” Rattrap calms him down a bit and tells him “Primax was going to meet me at the Dinobot memorial, I’ll inform him.”

    Terradive hears a noise above him and shouts “MAXIMALS!!! as he runs.” Shockwave responds “Where’s the logic in that?” as he fires his arm gun and takes down the five Maximals. Terradive responds “While you are powerful, Shockwave. You also burn a greater amount of energon than we do today. I would highly advice a new and less noticeable look.” Shockwave looks down at him and responds “You know somebody that could do that?” Terradive looks up and said “Sure, Hailstorm is the Ratchet of the Predacon rebels.”

    As the sun sets and the shadows become larger on the ground, Rattrap walks towards Omega Primax by the Dinobot memorial. He looks up and reflects for a moment. “I think Chopperface would have liked this, even got the statue in a battle pose.” Omega Primax turns around upon hearing Rattrap’s voice. “Amazing how his actions in the Beast Wars made so many Predacons gave up the goals of conquest. He was really one of Cybertron’s greatest icons.” Rattrap walks in front of him and reports the news to him. Omega optics widen as he heard the news. He said “Gather the Cybertron Elite Guard forces; we need to get on patrol immediately. Now we just need to find Commander Waspinator and Cheetor.” Rattrap turns around and replied “No need Big O, the cat and the wasp is behind us with some troops."

    Deep underground in the ruins of Iacon, light flashes in one of the old buildings. Terradive asks “How is the operation going, Hailstorm?” Hailstorm responds “See for yourself.” He pulls back a black tarp with a slash up Decepticon logo on it. Terradive is left speechless as he looks at new Shockwave. Suddenly an optic lights up red in the darkness. “A lot has changed since I’ve been away. A new Cybertron, new factions, and a new guardian of the Matrix. Predacons, it’s time we end this chaos and restore logic to this planet with me as leader.” A Predacon named Crossfire speaks up “I had my spark yanked out of my body by the actions of one nut, we don’t need another one.” Shockwave looks at him and fires upon him, blowing a hole through his body. He then asks “I’m a logical being, anybody else not in favor?” Nobody spoke up after that moment and Shockwave went on talking. “Terradive, you shall become my sub commander. Hailstorm, you are to become my medic. Bludgeon, you will become my ground commander. Finally, you Backfire will become my scout and report the actions of the Maximals for me.”

    Omega Primax begins to inform the troops on the mission. “Commander Cheetor, I want you to lead the Alpha Company to Cybertropolis. Commander Rattrap, you will lead Delta Unit to check the underground ruins. Shockwave might feel more at home in his old base of operations in Iacon. Commander Waspinator, I want you to lead the Hazard Unit and keep an optic out for trouble in the sky. Now I want Flameblast, Warcry, and Valkarie to come with me. We will be a keeping an optic out for any issues in New Primal City. Maximals and Predacons, transform and move out!”

    In Iacon, Shockwave walks past the ruined buildings speaking to himself. “This is the fate of the great city of Iacon? To be left buried in the past as the seeds of the present threatens to destroy what’s left with tecnhnorganic vines?” As he walks by, he suddenly froze as he hears a voice from the past speak behind him. He turns around and opens fire, only to see a holographic image of Optimus Prime speaking in a recorded message. “Even three hundred years later, I still can’t escape him.” Shockwave said. He then sees Terradive flying towards him and transforming in front of him with news. “I got a report from Backfire, Lord Shockwave. He reports that the Maximals and the moron Predacons has broken into search parties and Omega Primax and a small number of troops are watching New Primal City.” Shockwave responds “It’s time that I meet this new guardian of the Matrix.”

    Omega Primax leads his unit down some streets and he looks up towards the many tall buildings around him. He then stops as he gets reports in from Cheetor, Rattrap, and Waspinator over his communicator. He said “Seems like Shockwave met some friends, be on alert.” Suddenly an explosion went off not far from them and the energy wave sent the four into a nearby wall. The group quickly gets up and runs for the area of the explosion.

    Omega was the first one to the area and he looks at the towering black smoke and fire from a blown up energon depot. Suddenly, a glowing red optic pierce the smoke and a figure emerges from it. Omega said “Shockwave.” The legendary Decepticon, turned Predacon speaks to him. “You might have the Matrix and be related to him, but you are no Optimus Prime.” Omega Primax responds “And you are no Megatron either. You are pathetic, Shockwave, you really are. You spent millions of years as ruler of Cybertron for Megatron and you couldn’t even defeat the Autobots without Prime and company around. Then big bad Unicron shows up and you ran faster than Starscream after his latest scheme for power fails. You are a joke.” In a furious state, Shockwave shouts “SHUT UP!!” Omega Primax in a sarcastic tone replied “That’s not very logical of you, cyclops.”

    Rattrap leads his Delta Unit through the underground tunnels of Cybertron. He has been on the hunt against a hidden attacker for a short time and it about to call off the search. As he turns around, his spark froze in terror as this high pitch scream eco through the tunnels. His optics widens and he rushes towards the direction of the scream, leaving behind his troops. They quickly run after him and halt when they see him looking straight with an emotionless look on his face. One of the Maximals in his group looks over his should and she quickly motion for a medic.

    Rattrap still in a state of shock couldn’t even move as the team move past plants and checked the spark pulse of Rattrap’s love, Botanica. The medic just shook her head, nothing she could do for her. They suddenly heard a noise above them; it was a small Predacon, Backfire.

    Rattrap starts to talk to himself “Sprouts is gone? Sprouts…..is………gone?” He then hears laser fire and snaps out of his delusional state and sees the Predacon attacker. He tackles the attacker behind some tall plants and the others in the group could see sparks flying and heard a scream. They saw moment and had their weapons pointing to this figure moving through the plants. It was Rattrap holding the sever head of the Predacon Backfire.

    Omega Primax and Shockwave continued trading insults at each other until Shockwave got fed up and attacked Omega. The Predacon grabs Omega Primax by his neck and slams him forward. Omega rolled around the surface as sparks burst off his body for every time he landed on the surface. Primax jumps up and said “That was impressive.” He then charges up his gun and fires on Shockwave, destroying the cable connection between his weapon and his back. Shockwave tries to return fire, but finds out he can no longer fire off his gun. As he looks back up, Omega Primax charges forward and drops kicks him to the ground. The Predacon comes too and sees Omega standing over him with his gun pointing directly towards his optic.

    Shockwave said “You won’t do it; I know you’re kind too well. Optimus Prime would never do such a thing.” Omega Primax fires back “Maybe I will and maybe I won’t, feeling lucky?” Shockwave responds “I do!” He reaches for something with his left hand as Omega looks up and sees the Predacon Terradive heading straight for him. He dives out of the way from the incoming Predacon and turns back around to see Shockwave holding the Predacon’s right wing and flying away. He transforms into his truck mode and gives chase, but suddenly stops when he is contacted by the Delta Unit and learns of Rattrap’s devastating loss.

    Flameblast, Warcry, and Valkarie spent time waiting for Omega Primax to contact them for back up. During which they take hiding locations on nearby building roofs for a good view range to even the odds in case there is trouble. They watched as a jet came in and rescued Shockwave and Omega Primax took off after them. Flameblast noticed Warcry looked spooked after seeing the jet figure.

    He asks “What’s wrong?” Warcry responds “Just old war memories.” Flameblast responds “Memories never put that frighten look in my optics before.” Warcry fires back “That’s because you never seen what I had in that war twenty years ago. Imagined something that makes your worst nightmare look like a sweet dream, I saw that every day.” He then jumps down and takes off for Primax as Flameblast and Valkarie tries to keep up.

    As the two go after Warcry, Flameblast begins to talk with Valkarie. “So what is the problem with him and that war? He sometimes mentions stuff, but never says what happened.” Valkarie said “He got drunk with oil one night over Rattrap’s place once and started talking. He was a researcher and exploring the old cities for the Maximal High Council. That’s when that idiot came and took over; he remained hidden with his brother. One day tank and jet Vehicons attacked and he was trapped under rubble for a building they were in. His brother was blown out into the open and he was dragged away as Warcry tried to get free. He later found his brother’s body with his spark missing.” Flameblast asks her “Wouldn’t he be happier by this point? The sparks were freed after the final battle between Optimus Primal and that idiot.” Valkarie “His brother never returned, it was like his spark vanished off the surface of the planet.”

    Regrouped, Shockwave finds many issues with the mission. The main one being from his forces confusion over Predacon troops. He said “We have to find a way to figure out who is on our side or not during battles. It’s illogical to take out our own force.” Bludgeon speaks up “I found this when I was doing my mission.” Shockwave takes a look at the pinkish damaged armor part and sees an insignia on it. He said “This speaks order, logic, and merciless, I like it.” Terradive responds “You want to use that logo, the same one that idiot created?” Shockwave responds “We need something that can create fear for our foes, because fear is the ultimate weapon of mass destruction.”

    Omega Primax arrives to find Rattrap’s Delta Unit still on patrol as Rattrap sits near the body of his love with his right hand over covering his optics. On to his left, Omega Primax notices the severed head of another bot. He asks “Rattrap, what happened?” Rattrap looks up saying “She was helping to grow some new plants and she was caught off guard. We were attacked earlier and went on the hunt and this is what happened. I was so busy trying to find out who attacked us, that I didn’t even think….about her.” Omega then notices a body around some mangled plants. He walks over and saw the Predacon logo.

    At that time, Cheetor shows up after hearing of Rattrap’s loss. He walks over to Omega Primax and sees the body. He said “The Predacons did this? I don’t get it; I removed the old laws regarding them after the liberation.” Omega Primax responds “This was Shockwave’s doing, he had help”

    Hailstorm installs the new logos on the bodies of the Predacon rebels, giving rise to the old hated Vehicon faction logo once mode. Even as sparks pop off of Shockwave during the operation, he gives out his next plan. “We need to pick them off one by one, first starting with Primal’s old unit. They are highly respected by both Maximal and Predacons, making them the perfect targets. As they are hit, that will bring out Omega Primax. All that we have to do is have that one right moment and take him out.”

    Rattrap gets up and said “I want Shockwave.” Cheetor turns to him saying “Rattrap, you are not even in the right state of mind to battle him.” Rattrap said “As slaggin ticked off I am at the moment, Unicron would be stupid to mess with me. “

    Shockwave is walking with Terradive, who still has red glowing marks from his new Vehicon logo. They walk by ruined buildings in Iacon, when Shockwave stops in front of one building. He said “Don’t go in there.” Terradive asks “Why?” Shockwave responds “That is the shop of the Autobot Wheeljack; I remember many explosions from this place. It’s illogical for me to even understand how it is even in this good of a condition.” Terradive fires back “Was he really that bad?” Shockwave replied “There was a time the Sea of Rust was once a massive city shortly before the war started and then he showed up. Was doing a public display with a new invention of his and it just went wrong. Even Megatron was sickened over what happened. You won’t believe this, but he even had his Seeker army to help rescued the residents of the former city.”

    Silverbolt and Blackarachnia returns home in Cybertropolis after celebrating Silverbolt’s new Elite Guard promotion. As they walk into their living room, they are confronted by the Vehicon Bludgeon. The two froze for a moment as they see a weapon in his hand. He opens fire and hits Blackarachnia and Silverbolt charges at him. He throws down the gun a purple energon blade come out of his right arm and stabs Silverbolt through his lower body. Bludgeon jumps out of the window as he hears others coming.

    On the floor and pouring oil, Silverbolt tries to drags himself toward the location of his love. Neighbors are shocked to see the scene; one bot pushes his way through the crowd. Nightscream whispers “Dear Primus no.”

    As Cybertron’s night starts to fade to day, Valkarie and Flameblast ends up at Cybertropolis and at some point loses contact with Warcry. They notice the fliers of the Cybertron Elite Guard flying over them, holding Silverbolt and Blackarachnia. They quickly transform back into vehicle mode and give chase and follow them to a medical bay.

    The two transforms into robot mode and are greeted by Commander Waspinator. Valkarie asks “What happened?” Waspinator responds “Wazzzpinator waz called by Batbot, zaid doggybot and spiderbot were attacked. Wazzzpinator called Elite Guard.” Flameblast said “Gear, first Botanica is attacked and now Silverbolt and Blackarachnia? There has got to be something more to this.” Valkarie reports the situation to Omega Primax.

    Cheetor sees that Omega Primax is distraught and asks what happened. Omega replied “There’s been another attack, this time with Blackarachnia and Silverbolt. SLAG!!!!” Cheetor responds “We will get him Omega; it will just take some time.” Omega fires back “We don’t have time Cheetor, he clearly knows about the Beast Wars veterans. He’s doing this to draw me out and I’m going to give him what he wants.” Cheetor replied “Are you crazy? Why give him what he wants?” Omega fires back “I can’t risk watching you, Rattrap, and Waspinator be attack. Cybertron needs you, most of the Maximals and Predacons on this planet respect you. I’m not doing something stupid; his logic will be his down fall.”

    Valkarie walks inside the medical bay and sees doctors trying to work on Silverbolt and Blackarachnia. She watches as Silverbolt goes into shock and the doctors struggle to stabilize him. Blackarachnia had lesser damage, a laser blast that just edge her left side. She comes online to see Silverbolt being operated on.

    Valkarie walks outside to the sky lobby and is alone, when she hears a noise behind her. She reaches for her two blue energon swords and turns around. She sees the Vehicon Terradive walking besides her and she lowers her weapons. She asks “Been a bit since I’ve seen you.” Terradive responds “Oh yeah, back on the Earth training mission in the Cybertron Army back ten years ago. I’ve never seen a fembot like you before that point. You were a fighter and didn’t give a slag about looks either. Speaking of which, I heard you were promoted five years ago. What was it, the Slayer Squad?”

    Valkarie smiles a bit saying “Yeah, I was made leader of the unit. But most Fembots annoy me greatly. Most are so busy on the latest style trend; I’ve always been into the latest weapon trends. So what brings you out here?” Terradive points to the wings of his robot mode. “I have to be clean with you because of our past together. I’m a member of the Predacon rebels and been working with Shockwave. This isn’t what I wanted. Ever since he’s became a Predacon, he’s been losing it a bit.”

    Valkarie responds “We were friends and you joined them? Why?” Terradive responds “I was young and stupid at the time. I think knew the idiot took over Cybertron, but I thought the virus was a Maximal creation. I saw the Beast Wars war files, Optimus Primal had a holographic journal entry about this Protoform X project they had.” Valkarie fires back “That still does not tell me why you are helping out Shockwave. How do I know you won’t attack me?” Terradive responds “I could never attack you if I wanted too; you are one pit of a fembot. Valkarie, I’m here to warn you about Shockwave. He’s insane; he’s doing this to draw out Omega Primax. I remember being younger and hearing stories of these great Decepticon warriors and I guess a part of me never grew out of those times.”

    Valkarie fires back “Cheetor has done a lot for both Maximals and Predacons. I remember when you Predacons were treated like slag on this planet. He removed the laws, much to the annoyance of the older members of the Maximal High Council. The only one that backed him was Big Convoy and he was kicked out of it for it. I can’t believe you would attack those that fought for our liberation. Optimus Primal died to save us all and this is how you repay his sacrifice?” Terradive responds “I didn’t attack anybody; I don’t know who did the attacks. The only thing I did was rescued Shockwave and now I wish I didn’t and just let Omega Primax finish him off.”

    While the two talk, hidden from them lurks the Vehicon Hailstorm, who listened to each word that Terradive said. Shocked by what he has heard, he reports to Shockwave.

    Shockwave is walking through the ruins of Iacon and stumble upon the Autobot’s Hero Memorial. He notices something written on one of them and began to read from it. “To our brave Autobot warriors that fought against Decepticon tyranny and helped established the Pax Cybertronia. Optimus Prime, Autobot leader.” Shockwave looked up with his red optic glowing brighter saying “What was it that you used to talk about Prime? Oh yeah, freedom is the right of all sentient beings. Were we not sentient beings? I clearly lost it; I’m talking to statues of those I’ve fought against, Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Ironhide, Jazz, Prowl, Ratchet, Wheeljack, Hound, Trailbreaker, and Mirage.” He took a moment to himself and then opens fire upon the statues, sending each to the ground.

    As he is walking from the site, he sees Bludgeon running towards him with urgent news. He said “Terradive betrayed us my lord.” Shockwave responds “Does he know that we know?” Bludgeon replies “No my lord.” Shockwave said “Act if we don’t know, I want him to be caught off guard when we deal with him.”

    Valkarie responds “Give me one reason why I should trust you?” Terradive responds “Allow me to meet with Omega Primax; I’ll let him know where Shockwave can be found.” Valkarie said “No, you tell me where he is now.” Terradive replied “He’s in Iacon, with the others and they won’t be easy to take down either.” Valkarie responds “I didn’t become leader of the Slayer Squad because I was a push over. It was because I could take hits and keep on fighting. I’m not a protoform; I can take care of myself.”

    Flameblast walks out slowly with news about Silverbolt. Valkarie sees his face and knew it wasn’t good. She asks “What happened?” Flameblast responds “He went into stasis lock and then his spark faded, he’s gone.” Valkarie and Flameblast rushes inside as Terradive stands outside the door watching. Blackarachnia was by his body, crying uncontrollably. Valkarie walks over to Terradive saying “Take me to him.” Terradive responds “Don’t you think you should inform Omega first?” Valkarie shouts in his face, repeating what she said before.

    Shockwave is in his chair, listening to the Vehicon Drag Strip talk when he hears a loud noise. He then notices Drag Strip slumping over in front of him with a hole in his back. He looks up to see Valkarie aiming a gun towards him with a blue laser beam pointing toward his spark. He said “Say you remind me of somebody I’ve encountered before, Chromia. Got to say, the Fembots back then were a bit of a challenge to handle. Though the blue and black works for you, I didn’t even notice you. Much better than her old blue and white colors, bad at sneaking up to one with those colors. Speaking of which, you also suck at that too.”

    Valkarie looks around her to see Shockwave’s Vehicon forces around her. She replied “Ever played with a slayer before? To be honest with you, I like playing rough with my foes. Now any of you big strong bots wanna play?” Shockwave notices his forces backing away some and he said “She’s a Fembot, she just smaller pest. Go at her and crush the pest.” Valkarie sees Bludgeon charging at her with his two energon purple blades sticking out of his arms. She shouts “Let’s play!” as she places her gun on her right him and grab her two energon blue swords and charges at him.

    The two clash weapons, creating sparks for every blow. Bludgeon said “I’m going to cut you up like I did that robot chicken.” Upon hearing that, Valkarie fought more intensely and eventually breaks Bludgeon’s right blade off. Briefly shocked over what has taken place, he didn’t see her thrust her right leg back and slams her leg into his other blade and breaks that off too. She grabs him by the neck and sends him sliding across the floor.

    Focusing on him, she fails to see Shockwave coming behind her and prepare to open fire on her. As he is about to fire, a trident slams into his arm cannon. He turns his head to the left and sees Terradive standing in front of the door. Valkarie turns around and sees Shockwave looking to his left and she takes the moment and crosses her swords sideways and slices off the tip of his cannon. Shockwave immediately turns his head back to her and back hands her.

    She flies back and crashes into an old column and slowly rises back up. She said “That was impressive, but my job is done.” Shockwave turns around and sees Terradive stepping to the side as Omega Primax walks in as his forces engages the Vehicon forces on the outside. He said “Valkarie expected you might not have trusted Terradive completely. So when she learned the truth, she turned on her communicator with him. Good thing too, Flameblast stumble upon another Vehicon hiding not far from where she and Terradive were at. I just let her have her fun so I could get the forces ready. Had fun?” Valkarie responds “Bit boring, one optic here can hardly hit. Really, you been around for millions of years and that’s the hardest you can hit? I was hit harder in a training battle by Sergeant Kup before, he’s older than you.”

    Shockwave’s optic twitches for a moment that was cut short when Omega Primax slammed his right fist into his head. The Vehicon leader is sent crashing through a wall. Shockwave staggers up and is drop kicked back down by Valkarie. He grabs her left leg and throws her towards Omega Primax, who catches her. He looks up and sees Shockwave charging at him and he waited until he got closer and then raises his left leg up and Shockwave runs into it and falls to the ground.

    Outside in the streets of Iacon, Maximal and Predacon forces engages Neo Vehicon forces amidst the ruins. Cheetor and Waspinator lead several units to battle against snipers hiding in the ancient buildings. Bludgeon stumbles outside and is tackled by Terradive. The two fight hard as laser fire goes by them. Bludgeon kicks Terradive’s trident out of hands and takes it for himself. Which was short as Terradive uses his right leg and breaks it into and yanks the trident’s tip from Bludgeon’s left hand. He charges towards Terradive, who throws the trident’s tip at him and severs his head with it.

    Omega Primax picks up Shockwave from the ground and slams him into a wall. He said “This is for Botanica!” He slams Shockwave through the same wall and said “And that’s for Silverbolt!” The fighting outside stops for a moment as the badly damaged and oil leaking Shockwave is seen as a dust cloud fades away. Omega Primax lifts him up and is about to strike him once more. Shockwave’s left arm deploy a blade and slashes Omega’s right side with it.

    Shockwave stands over him saying “You thought I was a joke did you? Well Maximal, you can keep on telling yourself that as I blow out your spark.” He looks up and sees Valkarie coming for him. He grabs her face with his right hand and slams her to the ground and throws her at the charging Terradive. He turns his head back to Primax and said “Who’s a joke now? Do tell Optimus Prime that I said hello for me.” He prepares to stab Omega Primax but it stopped by Rattrap, who tackles him to the ground. Rattrap repeatedly slams his fists into Shockwave’s face, cracking his optic. The Neo Vehicon leader grads Rattrap with his left hand and said “I have no time for you vermin!!” He then throws Rattrap to the side and turns back to Omega Primax, who he sees is now gone. He turns around and is met with a fist to the face from Omega Primax. He stumbles back and tries to hit Omega Primax, from the wrong direction. He then realizes that he can’t see no longer.

    Upon their leader’s approaching defeat, the Neo Vehicon forces runs and Omega Primax gives the order to hunt them down. He turns to Shockwave and watches as he stumbles around, hitting the empty space around him. Rattrap looks up at him and Omega gave him a hand motion. Primax walks away and helps Terradive and Valkarie.

    Rattrap said “Well the big bad Shockwave can’t see, I’m right here ya stinkin Decepticreep.” Shockwave follows his voice and stumbles into Wheeljack’s old shop. Rattrap backs away and said “This is Sprouts!!” He fires just left of Shockwave and hits two old barrels. Shockwave is engulfed in flames as the barrels explode and Rattrap is blown back ten feet into the arms of Omega Primax. He said “Last time I was blown that far; I was on Ravage’s ship.” He then kisses Omega Primax, who drops him. Rattrap responds “That reminds me of a moment of my old pal Rhinox.”

    The four started to walk out until they heard a noise behind them, to their horror, Shockwave still functions. He’s badly damaged and has left arm blown off, but he’s still standing. Omega grabs his gun and aims for Shockwave’s exposed spark and opens fire. Shockwave’s spark is blown out and his body falls into the fire.

    Two days later, Silverbolt’s body is laid to rest in the Halls of Heroes in New Primal City. Omega Primax gave a final speech about him. “Silverbolt was always about doing the right and protecting those in trouble from danger. Because of his actions, Blackarachnia survived the attack. May his spark reunited with Optimus Primal, Dinobot, Depth Charge, Rhinox, Tigatron, Airazor, and Botanica in the Allspark.”

    Flameblast walks over to Warcry and said “I now understand what you meant about having nightmares that appears to be sweet dreams when compared to war.” Warcry responds “Yeah it’s the pit, I hope you didn’t that it the wrong way. It’s just when you go through what I did; it’s hard to talk about. I’m guessing Valkarie told you the story already?” Flameblast nods his head.

    Valkarie walks in front of Terradive’s cell and talks the guards. “Commander Cheetor has order for his release.” The guard didn’t move and she looks at his name badge and looks to this face. “Now K9, you want me report you to Commander Cheetor?” She said. K9 walks towards the controls and shuts down the energon beams forming the bars and Terradive walks out with Valkarie.

    He asks “What do I do now?” Valkarie responds “Cheetor has placed you wanted my watch. You will help me lead the Slayer Squad.” Terradive responds “Oh slag!” Valkarie grabs his right back wing and said “It’ll be fun, come on be like old times.” Terradive responds "That's what I'm afraid of."

    Omega Primax is standing by himself when Cheetor walks towards him and asks "What are you looking at Big O?" Omega Primax responds "A location for monuments of our forgotton heros, those that served under both Optimus and Rodimus Prime. Fighting in Iacon showed me that we can't forget our past."
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    Looking forward to the rest of the story.
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    Not bad, but the grammar's kinda clunky at certain points.

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