Future G1 e-hobby repaints, any rumors info anything ??

Discussion in 'Transformers Toy Discussion' started by Easterling Capt, Nov 7, 2007.

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    Well as the title stated as I feel the repainted stuff from e-hobby concerning G1 is practicly dead. is this due to no good stuff is beeing reissued for them to repaint ?

    Will Skylynx be to big and expensiv for them to recolor to a new character or would that just be a waste fo time and effort ?

    Now that Encore Ironhide and Ratchet are going to come out as Encore can we expect to see some repaints of those two ? So far most guys except a fe that was reissued in the TFC line got some repaints.

    00 Prime = --------------
    01 Jazz = Electrum Jazz
    02 Prowl = Anime Bluestreak ?
    03 Skids = CrossCut
    04 Tracks = Road Rage
    05 Smokescreen = Silver Bluestreak ?
    06 Megatron = Megaplex
    07 Sideswipe = Deep Cover and the other cop car
    08 Inferno = Hauler
    09 Starscream = Sunstorm
    10 Soundwave = Ravage & Lazerbeak repaint always forgett their names
    11 Astrotrain = Anime Astrotrain
    12 Minibots = Evil minibots
    13 Hot Rod = -------------------------
    14 Hound = Deitruss
    15 Stepper = -----------------
    16 Insectacons = Diaclone Insectacons
    17 Blitzwing = Overcharge
    18 Soundblaster = -----------------
    19 Perceptor = Microman color thingy with microman
    20 Kup = Orion Pax
    21 Blaster = Twincast

    Original reissues

    Prime = Jafcon and Gold LD
    Megatron = Black Megatron
    Starscream = Ghost and Black
    Hot Rod = Black and Clear
    Ultra Magnus = DIaclone and SHining
    Sixshoot = Black LD wasent there a clear LD to or am confusing it
    Rodimus Prime = Black LD

    Predaking =----------- to expensiv I guess

    Encore ---------nothing.

    So as you see E-hobby as made some repaints and I hope they do more

    I KNOW not all repaints are e-hobby but I want this to show that most stuff has gotten some repainting and most have been some what affordable except the LD.

    so any more hoping for more E-hobby G1 repaints ?
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    Ain't ever gonna be a better time for a black Ironhide. Get on it TakTom and/or E-hobby. [​IMG]
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    Unless they are sitting on molds that we don't know about, I think this line is getting pretty close to being inactive. I racked my brain to find stuff they hadn't repainted in at least one version.

    Wish I had been the hobby earlier, so I could have purchased some of these!

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