Funny Holiday TF Toy Stories.

Discussion in 'Transformers Toy Discussion' started by Autobot Burnout, Dec 1, 2010.

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    Surely all of us have at least gotten a Transformer at one time or another from a relative/friend/whatever for the Holidays that has a funny story attached to it, and since it's that time of year again I think it would be neat to share them. I for one have a couple.

    Back when I was really young, I wanted Armada Optimus Prime (the big one, brand-spankin'-new at the time) but I'd gotten in trouble and was told I would not be getting him. Fast foward to Christmas of that same year, and you can imagine the joy when I discovered it was Armada Optimus Prime. Evidently, my grandparents hadn't gotten the memo about me not supposed to be getting him. I still got that Prime, too, although I do need to replace a few parts for him.

    More recently, two Christmases ago, I recieved Activators Ani. Thundercracker from my mom. She usually goes for the bigger figures, so why I got an Activator as opposed to a Deluxe confused me. As it turns out, my mom learned the name Thundercracker from the time I was trying to explain the concept of Classics Seeker repaints because she'd noticed my Acid Storm and Starscream (both Universe 2.0) were the exact same figure in different colors. During my spiel, I'd mentioned that the rarest version of the mold was Classics Thundercracker, so when my mom saw a "Thundercracker" on the shelves, he ended up being a Christmas present to me. I'm glad my mom bought him in the end, since he's actually a neat figure (and to date the only version of Ani. Thundercracker, too)

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    I got MP Prime for Christmus, and set him on the entertainment center, and tring to explain the price of it to my dad and brother was pritty funny, my dad is 70 so $100 for a toy was beyond him, and my brother just thought it funny to get him in an uproar about it.

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