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    So, I had a not so fun experience recently with a package I shipped. Seems that no matter how much packing materials I use (packed the items in foam and than covered everything with bubble wrap) the items still broke. Buyer contacted me and was understandably upset over the weekend and sends me the pictures as proof. Okay, International Priority comes equipped with insurance and my receipt even states that it's covered for up to $65 for loss or damage. So, I tell the buyer that I'm going to the post office on Monday to ship some stuff that I just sold and I'll see how I go about getting them a refund for their damaged items.

    So, got to the post office and the guy tells me that the insurance that is included with Priority International Mail is only for the buyer's country and that they would have to go to their post office and file a claim. I was also told that nine times out of ten, and apparently the UK and Canada are notorious for this (no offence to our UK & Canada locals on here), they won't pay because they'll simply blame the USPS and the USPS will blame them.

    So, the insurance that comes with the International mail is apparently useless and I'll have to refund the money out of my own pocket. Oh well, but I was informed that there is additional insurance that you can purchase that would have covered the item with the USPS where they reimburse you (like normal insurance purchase for mailing within the US), but it's really freakin' annoying that they don't inform you of any of that when you're looking at all the information on their website. When it says 'insurance included' you think that insurance is included... not insurance is included for the other country.

    Anyways, just thought I'd share that and give anyone who didn't know about this the heads up.
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