FT: MOMC Henkei D-4 Ramjet & C-18 Minibots Attack Team

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    I have a MOMC Henkei Ramjet and a MOMC Henkei Minibots Attack Team (Cliffjumper, Brawn, Beachcomber). Purchased at TFSource over two years ago, both items still retains TFSource's customary card-box & cellophane wrapping. As you can see from the pics, the packaging on these are flawless.

    Looking to trade both for MOMC American released Animated Ironhide & Rodimus Minor, both with packaging in mint condition. I'm a MOC collector living in Germany, and I prefer the American packagings (being an American myself) than their European counterparts (which are cluttered with multiple languages).

    The nearest "Toy's R Us" from where I live is a couple of hours away. We usually get TF toys here 4-8 months late and It's somewhat of a hassle going to "Toy's R Us" on a regular basis just to check what's available.

    If you would like to sell instead of trade, just pm me the price.



    ......TRADE PENDING........
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