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    So with my wants of warpath, thundercracker, wheeljack, kup, wreck gar, and powerglide taken care of... I focus on two things that I really want,

    2. PE-11 Scouting Force aka Not Reflector

    so with that in mind...i have the following to trade

    RTS MISB Lugnut

    an extra cyberverse Powerglide I have MISB

    Beast Wars Ultra Optimus Primal MIB
    Beast Wars Transmetals Optimus and Megatron MIB
    Beast Wars II Leo Convoy vs Galavatron MIB
    Beast Wars Neo Big Convoy MIB

    Car Robots Mach Alert-had flame missiles
    Beast Machines-Mirage with blue tail pipe weapons

    All 6 G2 Cyberjets (loose, black stealth has broken leg peg)...with 5 missiles(3 white,2yellow)

    Battlestar Pegasus Titanium- MOSC

    I have the following parts
    -G1 PM Prime PARTS(1 black gun, Head, Powermaster)
    -G1 Metroplex PARTS- most of six gun (minus gun arms), tank and gun turrent, and one white tower gun for battle station mode, one of Knee Guard things(has yellowing)
    -G1 Scorponk PARTS- Big Orange Gun, and small mini figure with both arms and one small orange gun
    -G1 Swindle PART- small gun
    -G1 Skywarp PARTS- right wing (poor quality on the stickers), one launcher
    -G1 Streetwise PARTS- streetwise JUNKER, big gun for vehicle mode (no connector)
    -G1 Pretender Catilla (sabre-toothed tiger) PART-tail
    -Classics Sunstreaker JUNKER (missing pieces) no gun...

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