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    Not entirely sure where the instructions are for most.

    Lot #1 is compiled of Transformers Animated figures.
    -Voyager Grimlock Complete
    -Voyager Starscream Complete
    -Voyager Prime Complete
    -Voyager Lugnut Complete
    -Voyager Blitzwing Complete
    -Voyager Megatron Complete
    -Deluxe Jazz Complete
    I am hoping for $75 plus shipping.

    Lot #2 is made up of Transformers Movie 2007/2010 Figures
    -ROTF Voyager Starscream Incomplete
    -TFTM Voyager Starscream Complete
    -Deluxe Barricade Complete
    -ROTF Preview Bumblebee Complete
    -Deluxe Brawl Incomplete
    -Leader Brawl Complete
    -Repainted Voyager Ratchet Complete
    -Repainted Deluxe TFTM Bumblebee Incomplete
    I am hoping for $75 plus shipping for this lot as well.

    Payment is preferably through Paypal, not necessarily as a "gift" because most here don't know that I am a good person. On that note, I have good standing on the Sideshow Collectors forum and have done a large amount of transactions without a problem.

    Onto the photos:

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