FS: Transformers Brave Series Orginal and Korean

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    Jan 25, 2007
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    I have some of the Brave series "Transformer" figures available.

    Original with box, complete:
    -Brave Shadow Dagwon = this is a really cool combiner that is the ORIGINAL version, not the Korean remake

    Korean, with box, complete:
    -Sky Garry aka Goldran
    -Brave Goldran Leon Kaiser STD
    -A guy who's name escacpes me... he is a STD combiner made of a lion, a brid, and a wolf... pretty cool

    The korean versions usually run around $40, the Brave Shadown Dagwon goes for around $250, give or take... or at least that's what I've seen them for. But wait! There's more! Make me an offer. These prices are my jump off point. I am looking for cash, mostly, but also interested in trades for:

    -Vintage Star Wars figures/vehicles... the market is dead for these guys so I am rebuilding my collection
    -MEGO Superhero and Star Trek toys
    -Shogun Warriors/Mazinger/etc. new and old
    -Silver Age Marvel Comics
    -Anything interesting you want to offer me

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