FS/T: Massive Marvel and DC Legends Lot

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    Here is the last of my Marvel Legends, DC Legends-Style, Random Character Lot. I would prefer everything go in one lot so it can be gone. This would be great for a collector, re-seller, dealer, etc. Make me an offer. I am looking for G1 Transformers or G1-Style Transformers in trade. These were all my figures, never played with. Just displayed. They come only with the parts stated. Check out the pictures...

    BAF Giant-Man
    Super Skrull (w/ Human Torch/Thing arms)
    DC Parasite
    DC Brainiac
    DC Lex Luthor
    DC Batman
    DC Classic Batman (Baterang, Grappling Hook)
    DC Classic Penguin (w/ umbrella)
    DC Mr. Freeze
    Dark Knight Scarecrow
    Dark Knight Joker Goon
    Loki (long horns)
    Punisher (comic version from 2-pack)
    Silver Age Iron Man (silver)
    Madman (w/ ray gun)
    Ant Man
    Howard the Duck
    Abomination (Comic Book Version)
    Silver Age Green Hulk
    Green Goblin (Silver Age Style, w/ glider)
    Green Goblin (MOC, same as above, but with the Norman Osborn face)
    Silver Age Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze, w/ cycle)
    Ghost Rider (w/ cycle)
    Wolverine vs. Sabertooth (w/ stand)
    Sentinel Left Leg
    Evil Ash
    Spider-Man Classic Daredevil (w/ Church display, billy club)
    Mini Moleman
    Mysterio (no stand)
    Silver Surfer (FF Series)
    Urban Legends Punisher
    Captain America (w/ shield, 2-pack vs. Red Skull version)
    Silver Age Spider-Man (black and web)
    Namor (FF series, trident)
    Namor (black jacket, trident, no stand)
    Mary Jane (red dress)
    Green Goblin (1st movie, glider, stand, pumpkin, removable mask)
    Human Torch (mid-flame version)
    Morbius (w/ bats)
    Mini Mr. Fantastic
    Kraven the Hunter (w/ knives, gun, stand)
    Movie Spider-Man
    Human Torch (comic book flame version)
    Baron Zemo
    Sandman (w/ 4 extra arms)
    Hobgoblin (comic book version)
    Sgt. Nick Fury (1st version, jet pack and stand)
    Marvel Zombie
    Judge Death
    Mini Dr. Octopus
    Marvel Frankenstein
    Spider-Man (comic book black suit)
    Movie Dr. Octopus (w/ arms, glasses)
    Hercules (w/ staff)
    Mini Green Goblin
    Mr. Fantastic (w/ fantasticar, no extra arms)
    J. Jonah Jameson (w/ desk and chair)
    Dr. Sivana (w/ Mr. Mind, stand)
    Joker (Long Halloween, w/ stand)
    Daredevil (Urban Legends?)
    Green Goblin (movie, w/ staff)
    Hobgoblin (monster version)
    Norman Osborn (movie)
    Iron Man (first version, w/ Stark stand)
    Spider-Man (magnetic, w/ sign)
    Dr. Octopus (w/ stand, 6-pack version)
    Judge Dredd
    Dr. Doom (w/ castle stand, gun)
    Bullseye (MOC, angry face)

    I am sure I have some other parts and pieces for Marvel Legends and DC figures. If I find them, I will include them.



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