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    What I have:

    -Gizmo newer plush Gremlin in box
    -a KO Transformers G1 Deathsaurus
    -MIB (still plastic wrapped) Six MIllion Dollar Man Bionic Crisis game
    -Six Million Dollar Man puzzle in metal can (lifting car)
    -Buck Rogers puzzle
    -Mr. T doll combat action set with firing bazooka! good shape on card
    -Johnny Lightning Starsky and Hutch Torino and bad guys Lincoln on card
    -Space Ghost Big Little Book
    -Escape from New York board game sold as a prototype (possibly 1 of 1 or really nice bootleg)
    -Marvel Legends Loki on card (short horns)
    -Comics: Rom #1 (VFN), Shazam! #1 (Silver Age, VFN), Green Lantern #52 (Silver Age, FN), Journey into Mystery 77 (Silver Age, "I Don't Believe in Ghosts"), First Poison Ivy appearance! in (Silver Age) Batman 181, I also have the Silver Age 2nd Penguin appearance where he is stealing like an asteroid covered in diamonds for some reason, forget the issue number
    -Cyclops (from Lost in Space) doll MIB
    -Gremlin (from The Twighlight Zone) doll MIB
    -Brave of Legend (Transformers) all MIB - Korean: STD Draias, Sky Garry (Goldran), STD Leon Kaiser
    -Brave of Legeland (Transformers) - Original Japanese Brave Shadow Dagwon MIB... RARE G1 style combiner
    -Batman Animated - Killer Croc's croc accessory and Scarecrow's crow accessory
    -I also have what I can refer to as an almost complete collection of every toy that was related to "The Tick" animated series... including the Steel Box (MIB), giant talking Tick (MIB), Die Fladermaus, Man-Eating Cow, Dinosaur Neil (PVC), the wind-ups, American Maid, etc. I really hate to let this go but I would for the right trade/price...
    -LJN headless swivel bicep African-American body
    -CAR PARTS: '71 Challenger/Barracuda oil gauge (non-working), Magnum 500 wheels (14 inches) with like new tires, front and back Challenger black door panels (front door panels in good shape, driver some scratches, back really good shape) and some stuff for a '67 Fastback

    -Shogun Warriors stuff, ESPECIALLY Rodan
    -MEGO Lizard, Green Goblin, Riddler, Klingon, the Fantastic Four
    -Silver Age Marvel comics
    -Money... make me an offer!
    -G1 Transformers
    -Vintage Star Wars stuff

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