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    Clearing out some of my inventory. These are all MISP and have never been opened. I started collecting about a year ago and found that I was just getting too many!

    Before I put these on eBay I wanted to put it on here in case someone wanted a few or all hehe.

    References on eBay are loenuff94 or here I have also helped a few guys out on here with some MP Grimlock purchases, other than that I'm just another collector of TFormers!

    Generations Pics here
    Scourge 15
    Cybertronian Soundwave 12
    Skullgrin 10
    Thunderwing 10

    RTS Pics here

    Fallback 10
    Bumblebee 10
    Mindset 10

    ROTF Pics here
    Dirge 10
    Blazemaster 10
    Cannon Bumblebee 10
    Armorhide 10
    Autobot Ratchet 10
    Legends Megatron 7

    HFTD Pics here
    Battle Blade Bumblebee 10
    Ironhide 10
    Terradive 10
    Jetblade 10
    Tuner Skids 10
    Backfire 8
    Oil Pan 8
    Brimstone 8
    Crankstart 8

    PCC Combiners Pics here and here and here
    Skyburst 20
    Bombshock 20
    Searchlight 10
    Smolder 10
    Huffer 10

    Will combine figures with others to lower the shipping cost as well.

    Basically I'm flexible on price as long as it covers shipping, and paypal fees.

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