FS PSP, Ion Drum Rocker

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    PSP-1000 hacked w/ custom firmware. CFW pre-installed for you, includes 8 GB memory stick, power adapter, and a case- $100

    Xbox 360 Ion Drum Rocker- used but in good condition. pads show some normal wear, yellow pad has a small dent from a particularly enthusiastic hit but again, still plays fine. Can provide pictures. Can ship one of two ways, your choice:
    a) Drums Only- includes four drum pads, kick pedal, brain/controller, mounting rack, and all hookup wires- $100
    b) Drums w/ Cymbals- everything from A, plus two cymbals and their respective mounting hardware; HOWEVER, it is missing the hookup cables for the cymbals, you will need to supply your own. They look to me to be pretty standard, could probably get replacements at Radio Shack or Best Buy or worst case scenario I'm sure you could order them from Ion.- $130

    PM if interested and to get a shipping quote.

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