FS: Macross VE-1 Elint Seeker and RVF-25 Luca

Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by CdnShockwave, Nov 13, 2010.

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    I've got a Yamato 1/60 v2.0 VE-1 Elint Seeker and a Bandai 1/60 DX RVF-25G Luca for sale. The Elint Seeker is mint, never been taken out of the bubble (the box got a little mangled on the way back from Japan so I had to open it up to make sure the precious inside was still mint... and it is! The RVF-15 Luca has been displayed on the stand but never transformed and is tight and mint.

    Asking $230 + shipping for VE-1 Elint Seeker (shipping to U.S.A. = $40)
    Asking $130 shipped to U.S.A. for the RVF-25 Luca (shipping to U.S.A. = $35)

    All prices are in U.S. dollars. Prices are non-negotiable.

    Please PM me with inquiries.


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