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    Trimming down the non-TF toys again and this time select loose, complete Marvel Legends figures are the casualties. All toys were bought new (mainly for their build-a-figure part) and displayed only for a few weeks/months. I'll even send the accompanying comic reprint and backing card if you want them. Princes do NOT include shipping, but I'll be happy to bundle them to save on shipping. PayPal preferred, but I'll also take checks and money orders. PM me if you are interested. Here's the list, happy shopping!

    Age of Apocalypse Sabretooth - $3
    Age of Apocalypse Wolverine - $4
    Age of Apocalypse Wolverine burnt varient - $6
    Bishop - $4
    Blackheart - $4
    Captain Britian - $5
    Cyclops varient (X-Factor) - $8
    Havok - $5
    Kitty Pryde w/ Lockheed (Astonishing X-Men) - $6
    Lady Deathstrike - $4
    Maestro - $4
    Mr. Sinister - $5
    Pyro - $4
    Sasquatch - $4
    X-23 (purple) - $4

    I should mention that I'll also trade for the last few Sentient, Giant-Man & Onslaught pieces I need.

    Sentinel Series:
    Left arm, right leg, head/chest, torso

    Giant-Man Series:
    Thor w/ Giant-Man's hand

    Onslaught Series:
    2 legs

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