FS: IDW trade paperbacks, plu s a few random Universe Classics

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    All prices include shipping. PLEASE do not offer to pay if you're not going to...every single thing on this list is here because someone told me in the past they would buy it and then backed out. Books are more or less like new, they've been read once and put on a shelf. They might have very minor shelf wear, but nothing worse than you'd see on a new book on the bookshelf of a comic shop. Toys are loose and complete unless otherwise stated.

    Transformers trade paperbacks
    Devastation- $10 shipped (btw, this is going for ~$150 used on Amazon for some reason. I don't know why, but that's ridiculous. If you want to try to flip it be my guest)
    Spotlight Vol 2- $10 shipped
    Spotlight Vol 3- $10 shipped
    Revelation/Spotlight Vol 4- $10 shipped
    Devil's Due GI Joe vs. Transformers Vol. 2- $10 shipped (this also goes for a lot on Amazon. Again...not going to go there.)

    Universe Classics
    Ironhide loose complete (slightly customized with silver face, it looks good though, good enough that it could be mistaken for having come from the factory that way)- $15 shipped
    Legends Beachcomber, Brawn, Jazz set of 3 loose complete- $10 shipped
    Silverstreak loose complete- $10 shipped
    Prowl loose complete (slightly customized w/ silver missles on shoulders, just like Ironhide it looks great)- $10 shipped
    Smokescreen- $8 shipped
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