FS: GF DVD Exclusive Chromia and Macross Super Valk

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    I'm leaving for a month long vacation next week and don't want all of this stuff waiting for me when I get back. Everything ships from Fukuoka, Japan.

    1st up is the Japanese DVD Exclusive Chromia (Thunderblast? (girl boat) repaint in G1 Minerva colors)

    The figure's complete, boxed, and in great shape. The DVD is not included.

    This figure is very hard to find, and usually sell for what I consider stupid money.

    I'm asking 100 USD plus shipping. I strongly doubt you'll ever find a better price.

    Next is a loose Encore Megatron. It's in great shape, stickers are still on the sheet. It's missing one of the runners of bullets. No box. I'm asking 35 USD plus shipping.

    Macross Super Valkyrie: This is the same mold as the G1 Jetfire. It's boxed, complete, and in great shape. The missiles are still on their original runner.

    I'm asking 150 plus shipping.

    I've also got the two Takara Beast Wars vs packs (Dinobot vs Waspinator/Cheetor vs Tarantulas) if anybody's interested in those.

    Pictures should be available in the morning. Drop me an email at prof_smooth (at) yahoo (dot) com if you're interested in anything!

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