FS/FT: Misc schtuff!

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    FS/FT: Misc schtuff! (Energon, and Universe)

    All items are loose, but complete. They've been transformed a handful of times, and used mainly for display purposes, comes from a non smoking home. I'm looking to trade mainly, if you think you have something you think I may be interested in....just shoot me a PM.

    Energon Tidal Wave
    Walmart Exclusive Sunstorm and Minicon Team
    Energon Rapid Run
    Universe Ruination

    I also have an expansive collection of Energon Era Figures, ask, and I probably have it...

    Want List:

    Complete Reissue or G1 Smokescreen
    Revoltech Ultra Magnus
    The Ultra Magnus Classics Two Pack
    Revoltech Megs
    KO Cassetticons
    KO Swoop
    Any "oddball" type transformers stuff
    Oh..and *chip*

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