FS: Found a bin of CHUGs. Need cash!

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    I found a bin of CHUGs that I need to put up for sale for bills. I am open to all offers via EMAIL at my screen name at gmail. I will not respond to PMs! I would prefer money right now but am open to trades for only Punch/Counterpunch or X-9 Beast Wars Ravage. I would prefer not to go to ebay for these so please get them off of my hands! I am also know the going prices for these figures but will be willing to work on the prices.

    *I will not hold any items. First one to pay will get the item.
    *If I send you my paypal, I will give you 24 hrs from the time I send the information to you to pay or the next person in line will get it.
    *I only take paypal (covering the fees or gift payment) or in-person cash.
    *I am located at the 91766 zip code so shipping will be estimated from there.
    *International shipping will be around $25 and $35 for overseas shipping.
    *In person pickup will meet with me near my locations or availability. (My schedule is pretty open and my zip code is 92843)
    *Loose items are sold as is.
    *I have had many transactions on this board and have my feedback listed below.

    On with the figures:

    EDIT: I have a warpath case with scourge that I am going to sell since I need the money. It is the half with Scourge, wheeljack, thundercracker, and warpath. I will sell it for $50.
    I also have a Windcharger half case with firetrap that I am also going to sell since I need the money. - $50

    Universe 1.0 Micromaster Superion (6 figures) MISB $OLD
    Cybertron Primus W/RARE Unicron Head MISB - $OPEN
    Classics Megatron MISB - $OLD
    Classics Astrotrain MISB $OLD
    Classics Grimlock MISB $18
    Classics Ramjet MISB $OLD
    Classics Starscream MISB - $OLD
    Classics Optimus Prime MISB - $OLD
    Classics Jetfire MISB - $OLD
    Classics Optimus and Megatron 2-pack (MISB) - $20
    Universe Galvatron MISB - $OLD
    Universe Acid Storm MISB - $OLD
    Universe Nemesis Prime MISB - $OLD
    Binaltech Yellow Tracks MISB - $50
    Universe Insecticons Set (Reissue) - $50

    Universe Wave 4 Sets (Will not separate)
    Warpath, Kup, Thudercracker, Wheeljack (all MISB) - $50
    Warpath, Thudercracker, Wheeljack (all MISB) - $45
    ADDED: RTS Windcharger half case (All MISB) with Windcharger, Breacher, Backfire, Firetrap and Sunspot - $55

    ROTF Superion with Crossfire addon (all MISB) - $OLD
    ROFT Bruticus with Crossfire add-on (all MISB) - $OLD

    Classics Jetfire loose with weapons - $30
    Titanium Jetfire with weapons, base and instructions - $15
    Skywarp loose figure only no weapons - $20
    Acid storm loose with weapons - $15
    Classics Starscream loose figure only no weapons - $15

    Animated Rodimus Minor (MISB) $20

    IDW books (Will not separate):
    Dreamwave Transformers More than Meets the Eye (MTMTE) Official Guidebook Vol 1 and Vol 2 - $60
    IDW Complete Collection Vol 1 and Vol 2 - $70

    He-man MOTU SDCC Birth of Keldor
    He-man MOTU Toyfare exclusive Snake Teela
    Marvel Toyfare AoA Sunfire

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