FS: C/H/U/G, Animated, G1, Beast Wars, rareities, and More!

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    Feb 8, 2011
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    Looking to clear out some of my excess stuff to make room for the new Movie toys along with new CHUG stuff I'm hoping to add to my set.

    Paypal only please, use gift to avoid fee's
    Prices are negotiable, just PM me with an offer and we'll work from there.
    Trades are accepted so long as they are fair.

    ~For Sale~

    G1 Soundwave w/ Laserbeak
    G1 Devastator (KO)

    RTS Deluxe Wreck-Gar (MIB)
    RTS Deluxe Bumblebee (MIB)
    RTS Deluxe Jazz (MIB)
    RTS Deluxe Tracks (MIB)
    RTS Deluxe Optimus Prime x2 (MIB)
    RTS Legends Gold Bumblebee (MIB)
    RTS Legends Starscream (MIB)
    RTS Legends Trailcutter (MIB)

    Generations Kup (MIB)
    Generations Scourge (MIB)
    Generations Thundercracker
    Generations Blurr x2 (MIB)
    Generations Cyb. Soundwave (MIB)
    Generations Cyb. Megatron (MIB)
    Generations Cyb. Cliffjumper (MIB)
    Generations Dirge
    Universe Onslaught
    Universe Galvatron
    Universe Cheetor

    Animated Leader Ultra Magnus (MIB)
    Animated Voyager Shockwave (MIB)
    Animated Voyager Wreck-Gar (MIB)
    Animated Voyager Optimus Prime (MIB)
    Animated Voyager Megatron (MIB)
    Animated Voyager Blitzwing (MIB)
    Animated Voyager Skywarp (MIB)
    Animated Deluxe Rodimus Minor x2 (MIB)
    Animated Deluxe Ironhide (MIB)
    Animated Deluxe Lockdown (MIB)
    Animated Deluxe Cybertronian Optimus Prime (MIB)
    Animated Deluxe Blurr (MIB)

    TRU Exclusive Perceptor (MIB)

    2007 Movie Optimus Prime
    2007 Final Battle Jazz
    2007 Bonecrusher
    2007 Bumblebee
    ROTF Target Burning The Fallen
    Human Alliance Mudflap
    Human Alliance Barricade
    Human Alliance Sideswipe
    Human Alliance Bumblebee (MIB)
    Human Alliance Skids (MIB)
    Human Alliance Roadbuster (MIB)
    DOTM Leader Ironhide (MIB)
    Walmart Exclusive DOTM Voyager Prime w/ Commetor

    Beast Wars 10th Anniversary Megatron (missing hip missles)
    Beast Wars TM2 Ramulus (missing Slagmaker)
    Beast Wars Shadow Panther
    Beast Wars 10th Anniversary Dinobot (missing sword)
    Beast Wars Fox Kids Rhinox (grey repaint)
    Beast Wars Laserbeak
    Beast Wars TM Tarantulas
    Beast Wars TM2 Cheetor
    Beast Wars Quickstrike
    Beast Wars Silverbolt

    Mighty Muggs Jazz
    Mighty Muggs Shockwave

    WST Dinobots (set of 5) (MIB)
    Cybertron Supreme Primus (No omega lock)
    RID Ruination (complete w/Instructions)
    BTS Piranicon (Complete w/box and instructions)
    Energon Barricade (for parts)
    Revoltech Gurren (missing Lagaan mini-figure)

    ~Looking for~
    Universe Voyager Inferno
    Universe Cosmos
    Universe Wheelie
    Universe Beachcomber
    Classics Deluxe Mirage
    Classics Deluxe Cliffjumper
    RTS Windcharger
    Generations Wheeljack
    Classics Ultra Magnus w/ FP City Commander set
    G1 Jazz
    G1 Wheeljack
    G1 Shockwave
    G1 Menasor (don't care if it's KO)
    G1 Superion (don't care if it's KO)
    G1 Defensor (don't care if it's KO)
    Mighty Mugs Grimlock
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    Feb 8, 2011
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