FS: Brave and Sentai Knockoffs, mostly Happy Well Stuff

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    See attached picture. I have more pics if you want them.

    $7 "Super Silver Robot"

    Happy Well knockoff of God Silvarion from Brave of Gold Goldran. Has been opened and played with a bit, but not too much. Maybe a little lower in quality than their more recent knockoffs.

    $4 "Solar Warrior"

    Small Happy Well knockoff of Granbird from Brave of the Sun Fighbird. Has been opened and played with a bit, but still in pretty much the same shape it came in. Box is a little roughed up. Doesn't come apart for Great Fighbird parts the same way the full size Granbird knockoff does.

    $4 "Dread King"

    Odd Korean knockoff of Live Boxer from Liveman (Japanese Sentai Series). Never taken out of the box except to take some pictures of it in its plastic holder. Doesn't seeem to do a heck of a lot. Very strange toy.

    $8 "Sonic Mighty"

    Knockoff of Might Gaine. The same as the one sold in Wal-Mart 2 years ago. Never removed from plastic tray.



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