FS: Boxed Leobreaker, GGG GekiRyujin Giftset, Cheap BW stuff

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    Hi all, before I send these to ebay, I'd thought I'd try the boards. Pics are available upon request, and you check my ebay feedback, user ID duom. Prices may be negotiable. Shipping is extra, Paypal is preferred, but I also take MO's and I will ship internationally.

    Cybertron Leobreaker, $55: Opened, and box carefully flattened. Figure is in brandnew condition, tranformed maybe twice and stuck in a bin. Comes with all parts, box, box insert, and intructions. I understand this is fairly sought after now.

    GaoGaiGar GekiRyujin giftset, $65: Original Japanese, NOT Korean giftset. Set is opened with stickers applied, transformed a number of times, displayed for a while, then put back into the box for the last 2 years. Both RaiRyu and FuRyu are in excellent condtion and include all parts, box, styro and instructions

    BW Boxed Tripredacus SOLD

    BW Boxed Magnaboss SOLD

    Carded Beast Wars lot, HOLD: Includes TM2 Iguanus and RID Obsidian sealed, and original basic Iguanus and Primal Megs 2 pack opened with bubbles attached to cards

    Loose BW/BM lot, HOLD: Includes Bonecrusher, TM2 Spittor, TM2 Nightglider, Mutant Poisonbite, Mutant Razorclaw, Mutant Icebird, and Dinobot Striker

    McDonalds BM lot, $10: includes Megatron, Tankorr, Jestorm, Primal, Rattrap, Thrust and Nightscream

    Please PM or email if you interested, these will be going to ebay next week.
    Thanks for looking
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