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    *** ADDITIONAL ITEM *** I also have a loose, near-mint complete 2007 Botcon Springer for sale! Added to the list below.

    Good hello! Been sitting on some leftover stuff I've been meaning to resell since I got back from Botcon in Cincinnati a few months ago. I'll consider any decent offers for lot purchases. I'm ONLY shipping to the U.S. - no Canadian or overseas buyers, please - I just don't have time to handle international shipping right now. When an item reservation is made, I'll update my list here ASAP, with items available on a first-come-first-served basis. I'll also keep lists of backup buyers who are interested in items already reserved. Payment is to be made in cash/money orders ONLY (no checks, no Paypal, etc.) and will be due within 10 days of when I confirm reservation of your items.

    *catch my breath* Okay, enough rules, here's my sales references and here are the items for sale!

    My TFW2005 feedback thread from some older sales is here:


    I'm also "mechadomain" on eBay with 100% positive feedback on hundreds of transactions, if you need additional references on me.

    Here's what I have for sale:

    BOXED SET BOXES - all in mint/like new condition:

    Botcon 2005 Descent Into Evil - BOX ONLY with styrofoam insert and lapel pin - $10 ***RESERVED***
    Botcon 2008 Shattered Glass - BOX ONLY with styrofoam insert, lapel pin and certificate of authenticity (make your loose set "complete"! :D ) ***RESERVED***

    LOOSE FIGURES from the 2005 Descent Into Evil set - all in LOOSE but mint condition, complete with accessories, techspec cards and instructions, NEVER played with:

    Buzzclaw - $15
    Deathsaurus - $50
    Dirge - $15
    Ironhide - $75

    And no, I do not have any of the remaining figures from the 2005 set - I sold Chromia and Ricochet at Botcon, and I'm keeping Fallback as my "Classics" Outback. :D 


    2007 BotCon Springer, loose, near mint condition, complete with accessories, instructions & techspec card - $50

    Thank you for reading!

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