FS: Bandai SSAF-04 Kamen Rider Kuuga Pegasus Form

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    Hey Guys, I'm going to put this up for sale/trade here before I send it off to ebay. If anyone's interested I'm looking for around $200 for this guy shipped, but I'm willing to negotiate... especially if there are trades involved.

    It's the Bandai SSAF-04 Kamen Rider Kuuga Pegasus Form 12" figure that was sold a while back.

    There's a little story to this, so buyers take note.
    In 2006 I purchased this figure MISB and didn't take the time to examine it. I just wanted to keep it MISB and packed it away somewhere. Now that I'm unloading stuff to make room, this is one of the pieces that I need to let go. The downside is that I notice that it might not be completely sealed. It looks like the gap on the top flap opened so much that the tape split and either the factory or the reseller put a new piece of tape on it. I say this because the original piece of tape is pretty wide, and the new piece of tape keeping it sealed is thinner. The weird thing is, is that the piece of tape on the bottom (the only evidence of it) is the same size as the tape on top. I'd say the box is C8.5

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    It doesn't look like the figure was ever taken out, and I know I never touched it so I can't say if it's broken or not. The fabric looks pristine as well, and doesn't look like it suffers from some reported symptoms of stickiness. This guy was stored in a box in my closet, at my parents house in Michigan, that no one ever walked in for the last five years. I don't dare opening it unless the person who's willing to buy it from me gives me the ok to do so.

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