FS: AUSTRALIA Melbourne Hot Toys + 3x Ikea Detolf Glass Cabinets

Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by linthart, Apr 24, 2010.

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    Hi Guys,

    I've decided to change my display arrangement so im selling my Ikea Detolf glass display cabinets.

    2 of them have been used for a little over 6 months and are in perfect condition and one remains sealed in the box as i didn't have the toys to fill it.

    So if anyone is in the market for one, this one is brand new sealed in the box.
    I'd really appreciate it if someone could take it off my hands.

    They retail for AU$179 and are fantastic for displays.

    Asking retail or best offer.

    More information coming soon. All have boxes and there are 2 sealed true type bodies available also. Any interest please PM me

    Pickup from Prahran in melbourne Australia or delivery may be able to be arranged for a small fee.
    It's possible to fit these in a 2003 astra so im sure any other small car would do the trick too.

    it is assumed there is nothing damaged within the sealed one. Sold as is.

    Tell your friends :D 

    I will also be putting up for sale the hot toys collection you see in the bottom picture. Everything has a box.

    Im accepting offers on what ever doesn't have a price listed. Prices do not include shipping thank you.
    Some stuff im not sure what its worth which is why there is no price at the moment. still researching.
    Offers are welcomed if you feel my pricing is too high. Prices in $USD thank you.

    Available is:
    The Dark Knight Batman TDK version SOLD
    The Dark Knight Joker 1.5 version
    The Dark Knight Bank Robber Joker
    Custom Bruce wayne and Nurse Joker SOLD
    Batman Cosbabies including chase figure $70 + shipping

    Iron Man MK3 $220 + $55 shipping
    Hot Toys Tony Stark suit inc. neck adaptor $40 SOLD

    1 x Narrow shoulder truetype sealed $40 ON HOLD

    AVP-R Cleaner Kit
    AVP-R Wolf $185 + shipping
    AVP-R Predalien (he's very heavy and would cost $65 to ship) SOLD
    AVP Scar $500 shipped, $450 shipped without box
    Predator 2 original
    AVP Cosbabies
    AVP-R Cosbabies
    AVP-R Stealth Wolf chase cosbaby

    Shipping of predators can be expensive as their boxes alone weigh over 1kg




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    I sent you a PM on Scar and wolf.

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