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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Where do I post a thread on ______?

    A) Repaints and Minor Mods
    Post pics and details of your minor custom modifications here. This includes simple-medium paint applications, 1 or 2 mechanical fixes, etc. Please only post actual WIP or completed items, not ideas or requests. Start a new thread for each update!

    Heavy Mods
    Post pics and details of your heavy custom modifications here. This includes major-complete paint re-applications, major mechanical fixes, scratch built customs, or anything taking a super long time with major effort. Please only post actual WIP or completed items, not ideas or requests. Start a new thread for each update!

    Post pics and details of sticker sets, custom moldings, part reproductions and box reproductions that you have done or purchased. If the project you are posting has any of the above AND other custom work, don't post here, use the other areas. Only use this area for pure discussion on repro topics.

    Non-TF Customs
    Post pics and details for Digi-bashes, Minor and Heavy custom work involving Non-Transformers. If there is any Transformers theme (TF toy into non-TF character OR non-TF toy into TF character), then you can post in the other areas. This is for pure non-TF stuff.

    2D Artwork
    Post any pictures that you have done that are 2D works of art. These are typically hand-drawn, but they do include drawings (such as line-art) done electronically as well. If you’re posting something you’ve colored in, be sure and credit the person who did the line-art for your piece! Anything posted here needs to be Transformers-related, regardless of how. Post only works of art that you yourself have done. If you find a piece that was done by someone else, post it in General Discussion, using the prefix “Fan Art”.

    3D Artwork
    Post any pictures that you have done that are true 3D works of art. These are usually computer-generated. Anything posted in here needs to be Transformers-related, regardless of how. If you find a piece that was done by someone else, post it in General discussion, using the prefix “Fan-Art”.

    Post digital re-colorings or alterations of toys in here. Please only post actual WIP or completed items, not ideas or requests. Start a new thread for each update!

    3D Video
    Post any videos of your artwork in here! It’s common for people who make 3D models of Transformers to make short video clips showing them in motion. Post only Transformers related art videos in here, and only those made by you. If you find a video you want to share, please post it in General Discussion, with a prefix of “Fan Art”.

    Non-TF Artwork
    Post any and all non TF-related artwork in here. It doesn’t matter if it is 2D or 3D artwork, or videos. Please only post works by you. If you find a cool non-TF piece of art, post it in General Discussion with the prefix “Fan Art”. Non-TF artwork means that is has ZERO relation to Transformers.

    General Discussion
    Post questions, answers, ideas, help requests and general customizing or fan art chit-chat in here! There are 2 prefixes for this forum, Customs, and Fan Art. Please use the appropriate one when posting a topic in here. This is also the place for you to share anything you’ve found that you want to share with others, but was not made by you.

    Radicons' Blog

    Our round up of what's what in the Customs world, brought to you by TFW2005's Radicons Crew!

    Featured Radicons
    Check out interviews and images of the top Transformers Artists and Customizers!

    Tutorials and How-Tos
    Collection of staff approved how-tos and tutorials on Customizing and Kit-bashing. Eventually, we will have this wonderful resource for Fan Art as well! Submit your entry, and a staff member will look it over and approve it if it works. We may copy/move posts from other areas here at will as well.

    If you are available for commissions for customs, or for ANY form of artwork, you should post a blurb about yourself here. You should also post samples of/links to some of your past works/portfolio. Be sure you lay out what kinds of commissions you are able to fulfill, and how you can be reached to discuss them! If you have commissioned someone who is a member here to do artwork or customs for you, you should post your testimonials/feedback of their work in the thread on that person so they will have a work history! We will not be responsible for you or the person you hire/hires you in deals you make.

    Commissions Requests
    Request Digi-bashes , Full-on Customs, or Fan Art here. No guarantees!

    The Junk Pit
    This is the place to go if you are needing particular parts or pieces of a figure in order to pull-off that killer kit-bash! Use this forum to both post Want Ads, or to showcase what you have available for sale/trade. We will not be responsible for any deals you make here, as we cannot control people via remote control.​

    2. What Are Prefixes?

    A) The new Radicons home utilizes a new advanced vBulletin feature called "Prefixes". Prefixes are Mandatory when you post a new entry/thread in most areas, but not all of them. What this does is allows threads to be separated just the same as actual forums, but without physically making them forums. An advantage of this is quick more robust sorting options, still maintaining the ability to directly link to specific groups of threads, but for the "Backdoor" links that show up on TFW2005's main forum listing, there aren't nearly as many forums showing up and overwhelming their page. This is also good because it displays a more accurate level of user traffic, which helps with Google and other things! :)  You'll find Prefixes to be seamlessly integrated, and they can't be easier to use: Whenever you post a new entry/thread, right beside the text box for your title. Whenever you are browsing, if you use the sidebar, you do nothing different than before. However, when using sort features (sorting options are displayed at the top of every page in the listings) you can use this to quickly change what you are viewing as well.​

    2. Who Founded Radicons, and when?

    A) We would like to give props to Delta Star of for founding the original Radicons discussion group on Yahoo! back in 2001, making us the oldest Transformers customs website on the internet. And yes, he’s still an active member here!​

    3. How do I attach images, and get them to show up in my thread?

    A) It's never been easier to post images than it is now! All you do now is when you post your thread, below the main text editing box you'll see a large button titled "manage attachments" simply click on that and upload your desired images. After you have uploaded them, click the button to close the pop-up window and return to your text editor. You'll now see all of your attached images listed below the main text box. Simply right-click each item (they're all a link) and select "copy link location" if you're using Firefox, and then in your text editor, go to the location you wish to have the attached image show up full-sized, and then use the traditional IMG button at the top of the editor and paste in the link. That's it! I hope this encourages everyone to attach more images to their threads. More images show your work off better, giving you more appreciation! And just FYI, the reason why we use this system, is so that we don’t have to deal with dead threads, which helps make us an even larger and more useful resource for customizers. Also, Radicons can now attach up to TWENTY images to their threads instead of ten!

    NOTE - When working with images when creating a thread, vBulletin pulls the FIRST ATTACHED IMAGE to be your thread's thumbnail in the listing pages!!

    Handy Video How-to:

    4. How do I do this mod/what kind of paints/how would you?

    A) We have a very comprehensive Tutorials section, which is full of handy how-to guides, follow-along projects, and general information guides which are extremely useful to kitbashers of all skill levels. This section is linked in the sidebar listing of all our forums, as well as in the Radicons drop-down at the top of any page; but for your convenience, can be reached by clicking HERE.​

    5. How do I find customs by a particular artist, or know if a question has already been asked before?

    A) Radicons is equipped with an extremely handy SEARCH tool. This tool can be found in more than one location. It is located at the top of each forum page, where you can search just that forum or at the top of each thread where you can search just that thread. Directly below the search query box is a link titled “advanced search”. Clicking on this will load a page where you can search by username to find all threads started by someone, or you can search specific forums, titles only, or whole threads for certain keywords.

    It is highly recommended that you use this tool before posting a thread to show off a custom you discovered surfing the internet or posting a thread asking a question to see if it has already been posted before. We would also recommend you use this to see if you should credit anyone for an idea you’ve used in your project before you post it so that you may give credit where credit is due, and avoid looking bad or committing Plagiarism.​

    6. Where can I find images of a character’s toy or cartoon self, or other Transformers information to help me choose a custom project?

    A) We have a handy drop-down menu link located at the top of every single screen in the Radicons to a massive Transformers Resource, or you can use the link located in the side bar. This resource is HIGHLY searchable, to the point you can search for vehicle or animal types, or even simply a particularly colored toy or part! This resource will also show you variations of characters, screen-caps, sound-clips, bios, tech specs, and anything else you could need to help you with references to aid your projects.​

    7. How Do I subscribe to a thread?

    A) Whenever you reply to a thread, you can be automatically subscribed to a thread, or you can do so manually without replying. To do so manually, open the thread in question. If you look near the very top, on the left you’ll see a REPLY button. Move your eyes directly across the screen to the right side and you’ll see a drop-down menu titled “thread tools”. Click on this drop-down and you’ll see an option for “subscribe to this thread”. Click that, and you’re done! ​

    8. Where do I view my subscribed threads?

    A) If you look at the links across the top of every page in the Radicons, you’ll notice on the right there is one titled “Forum Quick Links”. If you click on this, a short drop-down menu will appear and one of its options is “my CP”, or alternatively, “My Subscriptions”. Click either of these and there you go!​

    9. What are the stars that I sometimes see beside a thread title, and how do I use them?

    A) These are an entry’s rating, done by anyone who reads a thread/entry (you can only do it once per thread/entry!), and it can’t be any easier to do. When you are viewing a thread, and you want to give it a rating, look at the top of the thread/entry, just beside the side-bar, and also next to the “entry options” link, you will see the link “Rate Entry”. Click this link, then click on the radio button next to the rating (number of stars) you wish to give to the thread/entry, and then click on the “vote now” button. That’s it!​

    10. Can I sort posts or threads/entries? If so, how?

    A) Very easily! If you look at the top of every Radicons forum, you’ll see a row of options directly above the first thread on the page. The first box you see says “sort by”. Click on this, and a drop-down menu will appear with several sorting options you can choose from for both sorting by Thread title, Last post time, thread start time, number of replies, number of views, the thread starter’s name, or even a thread’s rating. You can then have it display the sorted threads ascending or descending, and even limit it to display threads newer or older than a particular time! This is really a handy feature, and I suggest you get used to using it. As an aside, you can also find the newest Radicons blog entries and tutorials simply by looking on our front page!
    11. Where can I find previously created customs?

    A) You should check out our Customs gallery, of course! At the top of every page of the Radicons, you can find a link titled “Gallery” that you can click on and then select “customs” to go to our gallery’s main page, or you can click on the Radicons drop-menu beside it and amongst our forum links, you’ll also find a link to our gallery. Yet another place to find a link to our gallery is to look in the side-bar, in the Resources section.

    A) We also now have direct links via drop-down to both the customs and fan-art galleries! You’ll find these right in the center of the lower row of page-top links, titled accordingly. If you click on one of these, a drop-down appears that provides you to direct links to any of the main categories of these two galleries, making finding what you are looking for a whole lot easier now.​

    12. Is it spelled superquads, or supersquads, or Super Squads, or what?

    A) While one may think this entry for our FAQ is a bit strange, it certainly warrants an explanation. The confusion regarding this issue comes about from a strange name misreading of the Radicon moderator "Superquad7" by many users. The reason(s) for this remain a mystery among the Radicon's community, and one that may never be solved. Just for the record, the correct spelling for his username is Superquad7. There is only one 'S' in the name, which is the first letter! This has become such a huge mysterious misunderstanding as to nearly have reached urban legend status. As a result, lots of jokes are framed where the non-existent "supersquads" is blamed for anything that has gone wrong.

    It has been often rumored once that if you become a Radicon and read the board hard enough, you can see "supersquads" faintly flashing on and off of your computer screen. If this happens, turn off your computer and just leave the house because you need some fresh air. If you, or any other Radicon has any information regarding this issue, please call our hotline at 1-800-875-5353.

    On a related note, RL's username is properly spelled REDLINE, and not readline nor red line; RL and not RR. As of this writing, "plowking" has never been [literally] misread or misspelled. Yet.​
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