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    So here's my new sale thread, with Transformers stuff, Super Sentai stuff, Power Rangers stuff, and other stuff as well.

    I very much prefer to take Paypal, and would very much prefer to keep the transaction within Canada and the USA, but PM me, and we might be able to work something out.

    I don't actually have any feedback here on TFW2005 yet, but I do have plenty of feedback on TFans, Allspark, and eBay (as "tidalwav2").

    All prices in US dollars, and all "shipped" prices apply only to Canada and the continental USA. Make sure you check the shipping conditions; for small items I'll generally have a "shipped" price, whereas larger boxes will be "plus shipping". I'm located in Montreal, Canada; any local pickups will (obviously) not be charged any shipping on large items, and have a few dollars deducted from the small-items' "shipped" price. Please PM me with your postal/zip code (or whatever else I can use to determine your location) if inquiring about shipping.


    I also have a few extra Takara Transformers KT Collection figures for sale. For those of you who don't know, the KT Collection figures are a set of blind-boxed gashapon figures (minor assembly required), and are about 3 inches (7.5cm) tall. All of the ones I'm selling are still sealed in their individual little baggies, but I had to slice the blind-box open across the bottom (I hate ripping off that "rip here" strip across the top). Here's some pictures that I took from TakaraTomy's official KT-Collection site (I didn't take any pictures of my own):


    Now, here's what I actually have; some of the stuff I've divided into small "lots".

    Lot #1
    Complete set of TF KT figures: includes one of each of Convoy, Ai, Devastator, Rumble and Frenzy.
    $25US shipped
    *** SOLD to Ondoher Prime from ***

    Lot #2
    Set of both piledriver-cassette-guys: includes one of each of Rumble and Frenzy.
    $12US shipped

    Lot #3
    Another set of both Rumble and Frenzy.
    $12US shipped

    (Note: I'd be willing to break up the Rumble/Frenzy lots, but not the lot with the complete set of 5)



    - Mahou Sentai Magiranger (Power Rangers Mystic Force) - Grip Phone (show-accurate Solaris Cell Morpher): $33 shipped
    MISB; to make a long story short, I ended up buying 2 of them when I got stuff off of Yahoo Auctions Japan.

    - Power Rangers Turbo - Turbo Morpher: $22 shipped
    No key, plenty of paint wear on the silver, and the sound doesn't seem to work 100% of the time. Lights work fine, though. Comes with the strap.

    - Power Rangers Ninja Storm - Wind Morpher: $22 shipped
    Complete with all 3 discs and the strap. Lights and sounds work beautifully. Almost no paintwear; there's only 1 really noticeable scratch. (picture)

    (Note: the Rescue Morpher, Chrono Morpher and Thundersaurus Morpher are obviously not available anymore)


    - Mirai Sentai Timeranger (Power Rangers Time Force) - Time Emblem (Time Badge): $22 shipped
    MISB; the box's corners are a bit dinged, but everything is still sealed and intact.


    - Power Rangers Lost Galaxy - Galaxy Megazord Micro Playset
    Complete with minature Galaxy Megazord, Green Ranger, Pink Ranger, some monster that I forgot the name of, and all the arms/panels/whatever for the playset itself.

    - Power Rangers Lost Galaxy - 8-inch Action Galaxy Megazord
    I think it's missing the little Condor-to-weapon connector. Sword is included. Comes with instructions.

    - Power Rangers Lost Galaxy - 5 1/2-inch Talking Pink Galaxy Ranger
    Missing both weapons (Transdagger and Quasar Saber), but includes everything else (backpack, both boots, and scanner-thinggie). Electronics in the backpack still work. Has a small paint chip on her right breast. Somewhat battered-up card back from package is included.

    Take this Lost Galaxy lot for $20 shipped
    (Note: the DX Galaxy Megazord is obviously not available anymore)

    Picture of Magiking

    - Mahou Sentai Magiranger (Power Rangers Mystic Force) - Magiking (Titan Megazord): $40 + shipping
    MIB; everything is in gorgeous shape, even the little baggies for each part are included. *** SOLD to Burai976 from Rangerboard ***



    - Genseishin Justirisers - Kageri Striker: $20 + shipping
    MISB; the role-play toy version of Riser Kageri's Kageri Striker.

    - Genseishin Justirisers - Riser Kageri action figure: $15 shipped
    MISB; a nice GIJoe-sized figure of Riser Kageri. Includes her appropriately-sized cape and Kageri Striker accessories. *** SOLD to LioKaiser from TFW2005 ***


    Picture of Amdriver stuff

    Get Ride! Amdriver stuff:
    For those who don't know, Get Ride! Amdriver was an anime series that aired in Japan from April 2004 until March 2005. It starred main character Jenus Dira and his buddy Ragna Laurairia as Amdrivers, a sort of popular alien fighting superhero force. They got cool suits, and rode in/on these vehicles than could transform into suits of uber-armor for them. I thought it was a great series, yet interestingly, there were no fansubs of it...

    - Amjacket Series #04 Amdriver Scene [loose complete with all accessories and instructions] *** SOLD to megatroptimus from ***
    - Amjacket Series #09 Neo Amdriver Sera [MIB] *** SOLD to Faust from Allspark ***
    - Amjacket Series #12 Neo Amdriver Dark [MIB] *** SOLD to Faust from Allspark ***
    - Amjacket Series #13 Neo Amdriver Scene [MIB] *** SOLD to Faust from Allspark ***
    - Amdriver Gear Series #04 Amdriver Gear Scene Ver. [all the accessories to turn the Amdriver Scene into an Amdriver Scene DX; loose complete with instructions] *** SOLD to megatroptimus from ***
    - Amdriver Bisar Series #03 Air Bisar [loose complete with all accessories and instructions] *** SOLD to Faust from Allspark ***
    - Amdriver Bisar Series #09 Land Bisar [MIB] *** SOLD to Faust from Allspark ***
    - Amdriver Bisar Series #09 Land Bisar [loose complete with all accessories and instructions] (Yes, there are TWO Land Bisars in this lot) *** SOLD to megatroptimus from ***
    - Amdriver Bisar Series #10 Monocle Bisar [loose complete with all accessories and instructions] *** SOLD to Faust from Allspark ***

    More pictures:
    - All the accessories for Scene Pierce: Pic
    - Very poseable action figures, 22 points of articulation, including 16 ball-joints: Pic
    - Scene sitting inside the Land Bisar: Pic
    - All accesories work on a sort of "universal peg" system, where you can attach anything anywhere (almost like Lego): Pic
    - Here's the Land Bisar transformed into its Brigandier Mode: Pic
    - Monocle Bisar in vehicle mode: Pic
    - Monocle Bisar in Brigandier mode: Pic
    - Air Bisar in vehicle mode: Pic
    - Air Bisar in Brigandier mode: Pic

    I'd like to sell all of this off in one lot to one buyer, for the sake of simplicity if anything.
    I have a rough idea of the lowest that I'd be willing to let the lot go, but please PM me with any offers.


    Picture of Microman MS-02 Microsister Ran

    - Microman MS-02 Microsister Ran: $12 shipped
    I opened this once, took the figure out, wasn't impressed, and put her back. Most of her accessories have never been removed from the plastic tray. *** SOLD to LioKaiser from TFW2005 ***


    Obscure stuff I'm looking for
    - Madan Senki Ryukendo - Madan Magnum (Magna Ryugunou's second weapon; need this MIB at the very least)
    - Madan Senki Ryukendo - Zanryujin (Ryujinou's weapon/changer; need this MIB at the very least)
    - Seijuu Sentai Gingaman (Power Rangers Lost Galaxy) - Bullblack + Lights of Ginga armor set (Magna Defender + Lights of Orion armor set for the Galaxy Megazord)
    (Will trade (or pay) in favor for any of the above.)


    Please drop me a PM, or post here. Or both.
    Feel free to make me an offer if you see a completely unreasonable price.

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