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    Hello There! Heres your chance to Have a Custom made Action Figure and Robot that hasbro, takara, capcom, Sota, ML that never been done before. like our slogan said.
    "We Can Make it Happen..." :agree:
    Check Item for full detail:
    -Fully Articulated
    -Sculpt head/ custom body
    -Has scratches, marks and cuts(just like the real thing)
    -Fully colored and detailed.
    -6-7inches in height
    -We Use different kinds of Action figures
    -We do Commission you get the materials we build it for you :agree:

    Actual Video:YouTube - Foxhuntercustom figs
    Sample works:

    NOTE: We are just big fan and were not affiliated with other organization. We make sure that we put our Hearts on Every Custom figures that we made to satisfy your expectation.

    Transformers Custom May varies on parts depending the difficulty of each robot.
    Actual Video when finish. latest work Defensor
    YouTube - Custom Defensor finish detailing

    Terms and Condition:
    -Item will be made once down payment has been done: due to circumstances we are force to ask atleast half it. para pag nag back out di kami talo sa labor at work. naka ilang beses na kasi ngyari samin yun.
    -It would take 1-3weeks to be finished
    -Just Keep in mind this is a Custom Paint in time it may chip off due to mishandle of each figures. Just make to consideration, all are this is carefully hand made and this is not mass a produce action figure.
    -We only accept Paypal & Xoom only
    -Buyers oblige to pay what they order. 45usd shipped anywhere iin US
    -Local and International buyers are welcome
    -If you have hesitation just check my facebook account.

    If you have further Question feel free to ask

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