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    Comic-Con Panel Sparks Debate, Previews ?Transformers 2? |

    But the highlight of the previews came from Charles de Lauzirika with extras from the eventual disc of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, the No. 1 box office earner of the year, which Lauzirika said would be “fully loaded and awesome.”

    Lauzirika, who hinted he was working on a new Blu-ray set for the four “Alien” films, said he was surprised to find that Michael Bay’s office had contacted him through Facebook to recruit him as the franchise’s new DVD producer. Lauzirika then proceeded to skewer the director with some tongue-in-cheek video, beginning with an introduction from Bay himself.

    “I’m actually stuck in L.A. rigorously trying to finish the DVD for Transformers,” Bay said. “I understand Charlie is on your panel. The DVD is not #@%!^# finished, so get your #@%!^# ass back here!”

    Then, footage highlighted Bay’s on-set antics in dealing with situations that didn’t meet his satisfaction.

    “It’s a real honest look at him,” Lauzirika said. “A peek at the Michael Bay experience.”

    Other producers on the panel praised the clip as an example of the need for independent producers to make extras for disc.

    “A studio wouldn’t produce that Michael Bay piece,” Stephenson said. “They just wouldn’t.”

    Gross said filmmaking is often a “painful process” and that “studios don’t always want to show that, but that makes it more interesting.”

    Ling agreed. “You really have to find what’s unique about the production,” he said.

    “If you show a happy-go-lucky everything-is-fine documentary, who cares if the film turned out great?” Lauzirika retorted.

    Added Gross: “It’s always been about content. People are interested in how films are made and the extremes of the people who make them.”

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