2D Artwork: Fossa, Maximal Zoologist

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    Name: Fossa
    Allegiance: Maximals
    Function: Off-World Zoologist/Genetics Catalogist
    Primary Weapons: Electrical Discharges, Claws, Fangs
    Alternate Mode: Fossa Wolf
    Strength: 4
    Endurance: 7
    Intelligence: 8
    Courage: 6
    Speed: 7
    Firepower: 3
    Skill: 9
    Motto: "Whatever the case, this person needs help now. That's all that matters..."
    Bio: A promising Maximal geneticist, Fossa graduated top of her class from the Iacon Science academy several mega cycles later then the rest of her friends. As a result, she was placed on a number of science vessels to collect genetic samples for the advancement of the maximal race. This included time spent on Mythos which led to some unique samples in her database. For most of this journey, she was accompanied by her brother Kenji as an assistant... this was in part due to the fact she wanted to keep him out of trouble as well as get him interested in something other then warfare. Ultimately all of this work was almost destroyed when Fossa's ship was shot down while returning to cybertron.
    One of the many picked up by Doubledeal's splinter faction during the War of the Spark, Fossa was a surprising addition to the Dealers due to her database of genetics. It ultimately allowed Doubledeal to expand on her nannite reformating technology and in a way was a predecessor to the enhancer technology. Working with the group, Fossa managed to rescue her brother shortly before they encountered Umbra and the Dark Oracle... While Doubledeal first encountered 'Sobok', Fossa came to her own deal with the entity. In exchange for her loyalty, Umbra was transformed into a much more suitable and friendly mate for Fossa in the form of Daemon.
    After the end of the War of the Spark, Fossa and Daemon built their own underground clinic out in the Ruins as a means of offering those still in vehicon forms a chance to be reformatted into a techno-organic state. In an ironic twist, Fossa tends to forgoe any criminal activity the individual might have done on the basis it's probably the result of residual programming. In another twist, Necropolis's landing on cybertron left it not too far from said clinic... leaving Fossa and Umbra with just as ambigiously moraled neighbors.
    The two have had a son by the name of Data who seems to be the reincarnation of what little remained of Umbra inside Daemon's body. Despite this, the two have been caring parents to Data and have accepted him as an new person.
    Abilities: Fossa's specialities largely fall in line with genetic engineering and cataloguing. At any one time she can be equipped with a number of samples on the technological side of her mind to be downloading to her reformatting technology. In addition, she is capable of channeling electrical energy as a means of defense as well as absorbing electrical attacks to some extent. Above all, she does have some medical skills on the side from experience working with her fellow Dealers during the War of the spark. These skills have been expanded upon with lessons with her husband Daemon, who retains such skills from his darker self.
    Weakness: Fossa's main weakness is that she tends to ignore any feelings of distrust when dealing with patients. This seems to extend from her dealings while in space, in large part due to learning from experience that one's actions may seem violent at first, but can turn out to be for the greater good. In addition, her electrical discharges tend to drain her without a source to absorb energy from and leaves her open to attack. Her close relationships with others can also be used heavily against her as she does not want to lose any more people then she has in the past.
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    Another cool design. Nice color scheme too. :) 

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