Fort Max G1 Hamleys Competition Slip Scans

Discussion in 'TFW2005 Resources Database Submissions' started by Gingerchris, Jul 23, 2012.

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    Not sure if you'd want them, but they are kinda toy-related and an official Hasbro UK promotion going by the info on it. Also could be considered an interesting part of UK TF history since for many people over here this might've been as close as they ever got to a G1 Fort Max figure by seeing it displayed in Hamleys for their competition. It's an interesting footnote for the figure's resources section at least. Funny how it seems to have come so late it's under the G2 banner.


    Wonder who won that competition in the end? Hope they got a brand new MISB Fort Max and not the poor display one where it had been handled by every kid around and most of the parts had been stolen.
    I obviously entered, but didn't win. Found me a MISB Fort Max a few years later in a seaside gift shop of all places for £40.

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