Forgotten Sigma 6 and DTC GI Joe sale

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    Oct 14, 2007
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    I found a box of newer Joe stuff I forgot I had. The following Sigma 6, DTC and Venom vs Valor are for sale. All are MIB, unless noted.

    Sigma 6
    Artic Duke, High Tech, High Tech w/dvd&minifigure, Kamakura Air Glide,
    Jungle Commando Snake Eyes, 2 Iron Grenadiers, Inferno,
    Red Cap Commando Snake Eyes. These are 6.00 each or 65.00 for all shipped

    Sigma 6
    Complete set of 2.5 Action Sets. There are 12 in all. These came out as 2 waves in 2006. Wave one has Mission: Nightblade, Circuit Breaker, Silent Entry, Sky Cycle, and B.B.T. Attack. Wave two has Mission: Avalanche, Shark Bite, Ninja Night Parachute, Secret Ninja Files, and Unseen Enemy. All are complete with mission booklets and mint in box. 45.00 for all shipped.

    Sigma 6 Vehicles
    Mantis Mech w/ Destro and Ocean Attack w/ Duke 6.00 each or 16.00 for both shipped.

    3 Medi-Vipers 3.00 each or 11.00 for all shipped.
    1 HISS Tank 8.00
    1 HISS Tank, opened complete with box 7.00 or both for 20.00 shipped.
    1 Comic Pack #9 Breaker, Scarlett, & Cobra Commander 5.00
    1 Comic Pack #75 Ripper, Thrasher, & Buzzer 5.00
    1 Comic Pack #76 Tunnel Rat, General Abernathy, & Flint 6.00
    Or all 3 Comic Packs for 20.00 shipped

    Venom vs Valor
    Figures-Sgt. Stalker, 2 Baroness, 2 Storm Shadow, Ace, Tele-Viper,
    & Dusty 2.50 each or 20.00 for all shipped

    Comic Pack #24 Duke, Destro, and Roadblock 6.00

    Prices, unless noted, do not include shipping. I accept paypal and money orders. I have 2 paypal accounts. One is for credit and debit card payments. The other is for payments made from a bank or money already in the account. Paypal's fee will be added to orders paid for with a credit/debit card. Orders paid to the other account have no charge added PM or email me at if you see anything you are interested in. I have pics of items for those interested. Thanks for looking.

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