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    Rated T

    Optimus Prime/ Starscream

    Summary: Starscream learns he has a daughter, who has a secret she is in love with the Autobot commander. However when Optimus and NEST learn who she really is, will they still want her around or will the fact her father is Starscream come between a love that was meant to be written in the stars.

    Title: Forget me not

    Chapter one

    (A Far Away Planet)

    A tall, brightly colored femme Cybertronian staggered over to a mech, holding a young adult femme Cybertronian by the hand as she led her over.

    "Lightning." The mech in question turned her way. "You will take FlameBurst to her mech creator." The femme leaned against a nearby wall, weakly.

    Said mech frowned in confusion. "What about you, SunBlossom?" He didn't need to ask, as her optics dimmed considerably in response to his question, but it was hard to believe it had come to this.

    SunBlossom vented, shuttering her optics.

    (SunBlossom's POV)

    There was nothing I would have liked more, than to go along with them, but I knew I would never survive the trip. This planet had been harsh on us, and we couldn't survive here much longer. It was worse on me, but if I couldn't leave, I would make sure the others could.

    "I need FlameBurst to go be with her mech creator." I needed her to live for him now.

    I would always love her, and see her again one day. I knew her mech creator, despite the faction he worked for, would protect and watch over her. After all, he was a Seeker, which meant he had the overly protective instinct in him, to keep their offspring safe.

    Still, I knew what was coming, as FlameBurst decided to voice her own thoughts, and I couldn't help but vent again.

    "I'm not going anywhere without my femme creator. You can't take me anywhere, or make me leave her." She growled at Lightning, pointedly.

    I could have smiled, if the situation weren't so dire. Primus, but she was just like her mech creator! Hard-headed and strong willed. I looked at her, shaking my head sadly.

    "FlameBurst, enough, please. I need for you to go with Lightning. You have to go be with your father."

    She crossed her arms in stubborn refusal.

    "Why? Why can't I just stay with you?" Her optics faded from their bright ruby red, to a beautiful sky blue, as her anger faded.

    An unusual condition she had, that her optics changed colors with her moods, but somehow, it suited her.

    Kneeling by her side, I looked over her. Despite being in her young adult years, she was so young and small for her age. She was strong though, like her creator. She would survive.

    "I won't make it." I told her gently.

    "You know this, that's why Lightning must take you to the planet Earth, to be with your mech creator."

    Still, the second my words were out, the energon tears started. She never took the news well, no matter how well she knew it. I saw the desperation in her optics. She didn't want to leave me behind, but I think somewhere deep down inside, she knew she had to.

    "FlameBurst, this is for the best. I can assure you it's for the best." I whispered imploringly.

    "Lightning will take you to your creator, okay?" I added.

    Suddenly, she wrapped her arms around me tightly, hugging me to her.

    "Mother, I love you." She whispered shakily as I hugged her back.

    Gazing over at Lightning, I pulled back and nodded.

    "I will always love you, FlameBurst. Stay safe, my little femme."

    Lightning picked her up and carried her with him, her optics never once leaving mine as he transformed and carried her off.

    I stayed where I was, frozen as my spark broke, and my weakness grew. I prayed to Primus one final time that her mech creator would sense her as she grew closer to him, and would know she was alive. I knew there were things about him that were secret. He'd always been secretive about some things. He was ambitious, but he was still a good mech.

    I watched as they disappeared from my sight, off into the vast stars above. I had no doubt her father could step up to his role as a creator. After all, there really wasn't anything he couldn't do.

    A sharp pain ran through my spark, causing me to wince, and I knew this was it. My spark was finally giving out. The pain shot through me a second time, more intense than before, and I raised a hand to my spark.

    "Please, Primus, keep my little femme safe." I prayed, before crying out as the pain hit me once more, causing my knees to give out from the sheer force.

    Darkness was slowly consuming me, my systems shutting down one by one, but I didn't care now. I knew FlameBurst would be safe with Starscream. I could finally go to the Well of Sparks in peace, knowing she would be in good servos.

    Of course, things never turn out the way we expect as everyone will soon learn.

    (Space. Normal POV)

    They flew through space quietly, both torn about the fact they knew SunBlossom would be gone soon, if she wasn't already. Neither really knew what to say, so they remained in the tense quiet. It wasn't too far from Earth that they encountered trouble, however.

    The two encountered a random, powerful meteor storm, and were unable to dodge as they raced through space. They were knocked violently off course, FlameBurst being knocked loose from Lightning's hold. Because of the radiation the meteors gave off, it threw their navigational sensors off, so they were unable to get back to each other, leaving each to go in a different direction.

    And both were damaged on the way.

    FlameBurst took several hard hits, damaging many of her systems. She lost consciousness as she entered Earth's atmosphere, spiraling out of control for a landmass. Lightning, for his own part, growled as he also spiraled out of control, heading for another part of the planet. Starscream would not be pleased when he learned of the guardian's incompetence.

    (Military Base in Nevada)

    A local base in the area picked up on a single signal heading nearby and immediately radioed General Morshower, as was the procedure, to tell him about it. He, in turn, immediately got in touch with the N.E.S.T. team, to inform them of a possible arrival.

    (Autobot Base. Diego Garcia)

    Ironhide was once again cleaning his precious cannons as Ratchet stalked over to him, wrench in hand. The irked medic whacked the weapons specialist over the head with it, optics narrowed, and growled angrily.

    "When did you plan on coming to the medical bay for me to check you over? You're late for your checkup, again."

    Growling right back, Ironhide made a face and straightened angrily.

    "Slag it, Ratchet! Go pester Optimus for once!"

    Crossing his arms over his chest plates, Ratchet tapped his foot pads.

    "I intend to get to him. He isn't, however, late for his appointment, so I am pestering you instead. Now get your aft in there, before I have to drag you in there myself."

    Ironhide growled again, but was ready to give in when he noticed two familiar humans approaching, with smirks attached to their faces. He groaned in annoyance, realizing they'd likely heard the discussion and were about to give him grief for it.

    "You may be saved from the examination, Ironhide." Epps called slightly, amused.

    The weapons specialist visibly perked up, his normally grouchy facade appearing to ease at the thought alone.

    "Really? Thank Primus!"

    Venting deeply, Ratchet grumbled at the humans.

    "Why did you have to tell him that?" He groused, seeing how relieved the weapons specialist looked.

    "Don't worry. I know where you recharge." He threatened, smirking darkly as Ironhide immediately deflated.

    Optimus Prime joined them then, looking half amused.

    "What's happening?" He looked to the humans, sensing something was up.

    Lennox glanced up at Prime, who immediately knelt to better converse with the human.

    "We got a call from General Morshower, there's an incoming Cybertronian heading towards the Nevada base. He said whichever it is, Autobot or Decepticon, it's out of control and it's probably going to crash, so we'll need a medic." He glanced at Ratchet, who nodded without hesitation.

    "I took the liberty of prepping the C-17s to get us there."

    "Very good, major." Optimus nodded at the human. "I pray this is another ally, and not a Decepticon that Megatron has called to join their army, after the battle in Egypt."

    He glanced away, masking the sorrow of knowing just how truly lost his brother really was, from stabbing him in the back, literally, to more. He couldn't help a small cringe, however, thinking back on that day.

    If it wasn't for Sam, he'd still be offlined. He was given a second chance, and he wasn't going to take it lightly.

    "Optimus, are you okay?" Ratchet's voice caught his attention, and when he glanced up, he noted the medic staring at him oddly.

    Straightening, Optimus nodded, clearing his facial features.

    "Yes, I was just thinking. I'm fine, old friend."

    Ratchet laid a hand on Prime's arm, just a little too short to reach his shoulder, and bowed his head briefly.

    "I must say, I'm glad you're back with us, Prime."

    Smiling at him, Optimus gestured to Ironhide and Sideswipe to join them.

    "Indeed. Thank you, my friend. It's good to be back."

    They transformed and immediately headed for the C-17s, switching their topic of conversation towards what was coming, and their thoughts on it. They were eager to see if this would be another ally or not.

    (Nellis Air Force Base - Nevada)

    Soldiers at Nellis Air Force watched in both awe and fear as what looked like a large fireball raced through the sky. It was heading in their direction, and one soldier took a step back as he realized this.

    "It's going to hit! Everyone, scatter, NOW!" He shouted causing the soldiers to scramble and hit the dirt, trying to get out of the path of the incoming meteor neared.

    It slammed into the ground only moments later, smoke arising from the metallic ball. All fell silent as startled and pained screams faded only seconds after. People stared at the metal in shock, rising hesitantly as all went deadly silent. Then, the ball suddenly began to transform, parts shifting and spinning into place. When it finished, there stood a large robot, appearing to be female in gender, but she was clearly injured as she tried to stay on her feet.

    Unfortunately, her legs gave out, and she collapsed. A whining sound escaped her as she noticed her energon leaking from various wounds on her body. Her optics narrowed as she looked around. Where was she? What happened to Lightning, and where was her father? Seeing the organics, she blinked down at them, before quickly finding and hacking into their primitive sensor network. The 'Internet', Quickly, she downloaded their language.

    "Help me..." The words were foreign, but right now, she needed the help, and she knew it.

    "S-Someoneā€¦?" Her voice was soft, and then she fell completely to the ground, unconscious.

    She succumbed to Stasis Lock from the terrible pain raging through her body and circuits.

    (Old Abandoned Military Base - Normal POV)

    Megatron paced back and forth, cursing his brother left and right. Optimus had foiled plan after plan, and what's worse, he even managed to defeat the great Fallen, the original Decepticon! He had killed his brother, but his little insect pet had managed to bring him back with the Matrix. He would make Optimus pay, and that boy as well. Somehow. Of that, he was certain. He just wasn't sure how yet, but his plan wouldn't be too far away. That much he knew.

    "I will make Prime pay for what he did to-" He stopped in the middle of his sentence, when he heard a loud metallic clang. Turning, he watched as Starscream collapsed to his knees, clutching his chest plates, and frowned.

    "Starscream, what the slag is your problem?" He demanded angrily, watching in annoyance.

    Starscream tried to steady himself, but he found he seemed to have a problem doing that. He tried to understand what was happening to him. Starscream could feel his leader's optics on him, and desperately tried not to appear weak in his leader's optics, but something was wrong.

    Megatron could tell something was wrong with his second in command, but trying to find out what that was could prove difficult. He watched, his annoyance mounting as his second continued to writhe on the ground.

    Said second in command had absolutely no idea that not only had he just lost his sparkmate, but his daughter was on Earth, badly injured. All he knew was that his spark was causing him unusual pain, causing a great deal of unwanted agony. He gasped, trying to formulate the words.

    "M-Master... It' spark..." He managed to gasp out, before collapsing into Stasis.

    Starscream was more than incompetent at times, but he was a powerful warrior. Not wanting to lose that battle advantage, Megatron growled, turning to bellow for his medical officer.


    Hook rushed in at his master's call, pausing as he spotted Starscream in Stasis on the ground.

    "What happened to him?"

    "That's what I'd like to know." Megatron growled. "He said it was his spark."

    Rushing to the fallen Seeker, Hook opened his chest plates and began looking at the wildly racing spark. Taking several scans, he blinked a moment.

    "He has just lost a sparkmate, it seems."

    "WHAT?" Megatron roared angrily. He glowered down at Starscream.

    He knew how he felt about bonds! He had no use for them unless it stood to reason it benefitted his cause, obviously. Starscream would have to have been in love with the femme, if her offlining affected him so harshly. It was also clear Starscream had kept her a secret from him. This, he would talk to Starscream about, later, when the Seeker was stronger.

    "How long before you can get him stable?"

    "Not long. I just need to regulate his spark to a normal rate." Hook was already at work.

    "Fine. Do it." He growled.

    "I find I will need some 'alone time' with Starscream, to discuss this recent news. Why it's not a good idea to hold secrets from me." He snarled lowly.

    "Fix him, and be quick about it. Comm me when he's stable." He turned and stalked off, snarling.

    (Several Hours Later - Starscream's POV)

    The pain had been awful! Pit spawned agony was all I felt. I felt loss like I'd never felt before, and all I could think about was SunBlossom. It had to be. She must have offlined, and I could feel the intense sense of loss and grief that my mate was gone. Feeling someone watching me, I remembered who I was, and where I was, and realized I didn't have the time for remembering. I onlined my optics to find Hook eyeing me.

    "Megatron wants to talk to you." Was all he said.

    I didn't bother to respond. I knew he had to have a clue why I was having trouble with my spark. Megatron, that is. Hook would have found out and told him. He hated involvements of any kind, unless it somehow ended up benefiting him, and this most definitely would not benefit him. I sat up and watched as my leader came stalking into the room, his optics boring down on me angrily, causing me to cringe. Yes, he knew.

    "Leave us, Hook." He ordered in a deadly calm voice.

    Hook briskly left the area, and my optics met Megatron's. I could see he was far from happy with me. He had a temper, one that I really didn't want to get unleashed. He could be cruel, more so than he could get with the Autobots. I was the only one who ever got to see that part of him, however. He enjoyed degrading me and most of the time, I could take this punishment. I just didn't want to go through that right now, of all times.

    "Well?" Megatron growled. "I am guessing this has everything to do with a mate."

    My optics darted away. I couldn't look at him; I knew how he felt about mates. I also knew SunBlossom was different. She was incredible.

    "Her name was SunBlossom, and I loved her." I barely kept from cringing, knowing how he felt about that.

    "I know how you feel about mates, but she was different. She was stronger than any femme I have ever encountered. I am just sorry I wasn't by her side when she offlined, to bid her farewell." It hit me then just how much I missed her.

    Still, I watched the expressions on his face change from mild anger to unbridled amusement. I hated when he did that, I really did. Half the time I didn't know what was going through his processor.

    Suddenly I saw Barricade pull in, in vehicle mode, along with another vehicle. The other was not a vehicle I'd ever seen before. They both transformed, and I didn't recognize the other bot. There wasn't a faction insignia on it, either, which meant it must have been a neutral.

    "Megatron, this is Lightning; he is here to speak to Starscream." Barricade bowed as I got to my feet, walking over toward the other bot.

    "What is it?" I faced the unknown bot warily.

    He bowed to me.

    "Starscream, I was instructed by SunBlossom to bring your daughter to you, however there was a problem and we were separated upon entry to this planet. I'm afraid I lost her." He bowed his head as a chill went through my circuits.

    I had a daughter, with SunBlossom? She never said a word, and that in itself slagging annoyed me. However, that anger was quickly changing to a rage rivaled only by what I knew Megatron was capable of. This bot had lost my daughter? "What do you mean you lost her? How the slag can you lose her?" I demanded harshly, glaring at him. I glanced briefly over to Megatron, who looked amused, and nearly snarled. It figured.

    This 'Lightning' had the gall to look embarrassed; He should be more than just embarrassed, the miserable bot.

    "You find her and bring her to me immediately" I ordered, darkly.

    "Is she a flyer, as her father is?" Megatron inquired a gleam in his optics.

    "Yes, sir, but there are some other things you should know as well, about your daughter." Lightning faced me, frowning.

    "Such as...?"

    He looked uncomfortable now, as if he was trying to figure out what to say.

    "She is unruly and headstrong." He explained, causing Megatron to chuckle slightly.

    "Does she bear the Decepticon insignia?" He asked, still far too intrigued.

    The bot nodded.

    "Yes. It's hidden, but she has it. It's hidden under some of the joint cables that wind around her protoform, around her ankle."

    That look crossed my master's features once more, and I couldn't help but wonder if he hadn't lost his mental capacities.

    "What's wrong, Master?"

    "If your daughter has those same traits, she is undoubtedly just like you." He mused.

    "I am not like that." I grumbled, raising an optic ridge, before I turned back to Lightning.

    "Just find her." I grumbled again, raising the other optic ridge as Lightning looked around, suddenly looking like he wanted to ask something. "What?"

    "Is there a reward?" He asked.

    I snarled, sending him flying with a punch to the face.

    "You lost my slagging daughter to begin with, and you dare ask for a reward?"

    My fingers clenched into fists, and I snarled in rage.

    "How about we let you live, if you find her. How's that for incentive enough to find his unruly daughter?" Megatron asked calmly, snapping his fingers in the bot's face and making him cringe slightly and bow. "Do you know who I am?"

    He nodded, bowing even lower.

    "Yes, Megatron, sir."

    "Then you know what I am capable of, if angered. Find his daughter, or I'll turn you into scrap metal, myself." He growled, transforming and taking off.

    "Stick with him, Barricade!" He called as he headed out.

    "Perhaps this may turn out for the best after all, a new recruit for the cause. We could always use another Seeker, although, if she has too much of an attitude, we may have to deal with that."

    I cringed. I wasn't sure I liked the idea of her being disciplined by Megatron; I mean, it was fine if I did it. Just not Megatron. He... He would probably kill her in the process.

    (Nellis Air Force Base - A Couple Days Later)

    The Autobots had arrived on base; Optimus, Ratchet, Ironhide and Sideswipe all present. Ratchet was the one who immediately ran over to the bot who was still in Stasis.

    "She's in Stasis, Optimus. She appears to be badly injured, but I also can't seem to find any insignias on her."

    Lennox and Epps pulled up, frowning.

    "Is that a good thing?" Lennox eyed her warily.

    "It means she's a neutral. She hasn't picked sides in this war, as of yet, but she looks young." Ironhide answered for Ratchet.

    "That could mean she could be a future ally, then, right?" Epps tilted his head a little as Ratchet got to work, attempting to stabilize her.

    "Indeed." Optimus said. "We could use all the help we can get."

    "We need to get her to the base, Optimus. I can stabilize her until we get there, but my main tools for the more major work are back there."

    Optimus nodded at once, eyeing the femme with concern.

    "Affirmative, do what you can before we get back to Diego Garcia." He ordered, Ratchet immediately returning to work.

    None of the bots could ever have guessed who the femme was, or how bringing her back to their base would change their lives forever.
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