For you book lovers. Tolkien, King, two rare books!

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    Heya all,

    I'm needing some money to get my comic book up and running so I'm selling some more stuff. These are two books from my personal collection that are rare.

    The first is the first ever American edition of J.R.R. Tolkien's The Silmarillion, published in 1977. Missing the dust jacket. Book is in great shape and has all the following indentifiers that it is indeed a first edition:

    Says "Father" instead of "Farmer" Giles in the "Other works" section.

    The print along the right border is clipped on page 229.

    Very small printer blot on bottom of page 301. It's very, very tiny.

    Fold-out map of First Age Middle Earth attached to the back cover of the book. One edge of the map has a crease in it where it was caught between the cover and the last page of the book when closed.

    This book normally goes for about $200 on Ebay with the dust jacket. I'm asking $100 for mine. It's in great shape for a 29 year old book.

    The second book is the First Edition of Stephen King's Dark Tower Book IV: Wixard and Glass. This was released 2-3 months before the general public release in the Fall of 1997. Book is in excellent shape, so is the the dust jacket as I don't read my book with the dust jackets on them. Currently going for about $250-$300 on Ebay, I'm asking $200 for it.

    Both books are OOP and harder to find than their current versions.

    Pics available upon request.

    Thanks for looking :) 


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