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    I want a RID Scourge (It's the Black tractor (nemesis prime) with the metal tanker trailer that turns into a battle station. It must have the red sword, be in good transformable condition with no cracks or breaks. I don't care about dirt or rubs. I don't need the box either. I don't care about any other accessories either.

    For trade, I am offering my custom repaint skills to any figure you ship me. Please check out my website here for my skills:

    Shadow Command City

    I am also mrxracer12 on ebay and I have excellent 100% customer feedback regarding customs. I also have feedback on this site as well located here:

    I strive for perfection in my customs and they are usually fully transformable unless otherwise stated which is quite rare. I can send high def photos of my customs as well if you are interested in my quality up close.

    So how about it? If you have a 'good' condition RID Scourge that you will trade and ship to me (you pay shipping) and also send me a figure of your choice (send it with Scourge to save on shipping), I will repaint that figure for you 100% (your choice). You will need to pay the return shipping as well.

    The custom may take up to 2 weeks to finish.

    Let me know guys!!

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