For TRADE: Ehobby, Botcon 2007, 2006, etc.

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    2 simple rules, please read them and believe them:

    1. I prefer email: (I'll see a reply there much quicker!!)

    2. If you want something I have on Trade list #1, then you must be able to trade me something on my Want list #1.

    Trade list #1:
    MISBag Botcon 2007 Sealed Bagged set of 5: Thundercracker, Thrust, Dirge, Dreadwind, Bugbite
    MISBag Botcon 2006 Sealed Bagged set of 5: Optimus Primal, Rhinox, Dinobot, Cheetor, Rattrap
    MISBag Botcon 2005 Sealed Bagged Flamewar
    MISB Ehobby Gold Jazz
    MISB Ehobby Anime Bluestreak
    MISB Ehobby Crosscut
    MISB Ehobby Road Rage
    MISB Ehobby Detritus
    MISB Ehobby Hauler
    MISB Black Starscream
    MISB New Year Reissue Sideswipe and Red Alert
    MOSC Micron Legend X-Dimension Air Military Team[all black]
    MOSC Micron Legend X-Dimension Emergency Team[dark blue/orange]

    Trade list #2
    Tech Cards available for trade:
    Wal-Mart Dinobot Grimlock sticker card
    Wal-Mart Dinobot Swoop sticker card
    Armada Tidalwave sticker card
    Armada Demolishor sticker card
    Armada Galvatron sticker card
    Armada Super Optimus Prime sticker card
    KB RID Jhiaxus sticker card
    JBW C-1 (Beast)Convoy tech card
    Superlink SD-16 Chromehorn tech card
    Energon Steamhammer tech card
    Energon Jetfire tech card
    Energon Ironhide tech card
    Energon Bulkhead tech card
    Energon Scorponok Fleer tech card (#128)
    Galaxy Force Ramble tech card(2)

    Armada Fleer Cards:
    Every Silver, Lots of Gold, tell me what you need
    Armada Comic Art: 5, 12
    Armada Poster: 7, 8(x2), 10
    Flapper: 1 Hot Shot
    Autobots/Decepticons: 1*, 3(x2), 4(x2), 5(x2), 7, 8
    (*AD #1 Cyclonus is slightly damaged, top portion of card got "sealed" in packaging end)

    Want list #1:

    Car Robots:
    -->Exclusive Translucent Orange Wreckerhook
    -->Jusco Exclusive "Clear" Spychangers -- All 6 ( like this )
    -->"Super Clear" Spychangers -- Wars, Autofire, X-car, Ox ( like this )

    Micron Legend:
    -->Crystal STD Convoy

    -->Race Team minicon repaints(were Wal-mart exclusives packed with deluxes)
    -->(Armada)Space Team repaint, the "Umbral Blaster" (from 2-packs)*
    -->(Energon)Perceptor repaint (from 2-packs)*

    (*Scrap Iron vs. Grindor, Blastcharge vs. High Wire, Backblast vs. Sureshock)

    Want list #2:
    G1 gray plastic chest Swindle
    G1 Metroplex body(intact body with good waist pivot, no parts needed)
    G1 Pretender Monsters(Monstructor)
    G1 Autobot Hot Rod patrol
    G1 Gunrunner (Bugly & Groundbreaker?)
    G2 Go-bot Optimus Prime
    G2 Sparkabots/Firecons
    Alternators: Camshaft, Rodimus, Nemesis Prime
    6" Titaniums: Megatron("GI Joe" & WW versions), Ultra Magnus(G1 & WW versions), Rodimus Prime, Starscream, Soundwave, Cheetor

    Transformer Parts:
    G1 Breakdown: gun
    G1 Wildrider: gun
    G1 Snapdragon: gun(2)
    G1 Doublecross: gun
    G1 Grotesque: gun
    G1 Roadbuster: left bar, missile
    G1 Whirl: fist cover, leg gun, wing gun, wing rocket pod
    G1 Downshift: gun
    G1 Thrust: missile(2)
    G1 Sandstorm: gun
    G1 Scorponok[need the 2 "tall"/narrow radar dishes, I have the 2 with a wide top/monitor]
    G1 Darkwing[Throttle(engine)]
    G1 Skyquake[launcher, missiles]
    G1 Overlord: double barrelled gun, spotlot/grenade launcher, mini-car
    JBW: Clear Beast Convoy[Black sword(1)]

    Transformer Fleer Armada Card:
    Armada Comic Art: #8, 11
    Armada Poster: #5
    Flapper: #2

    Transformer Tech Cards:
    Wal-Mart Dinobot Terranotron sticker card
    BW2 Apache
    BW2 Scuba
    BW2 Tasmania Kid
    BW2 Tripledacus
    BW2 Liojunior
    BW2 Magnaboss
    BW2 Megastorm
    RID individual tech cards for all JRX, Buildking, and Valdigus members

    Masters of the Universe(the 2002-2003 line):
    Snake Armor He-Man
    Trap and Smash Orko
    Jungle Attack He-man
    Martial Arts He-man
    Battle Glove Man-at-Arms

    Repaints: Any of the repainted figures except Two Bad

    Samurai: He-man, Skeletor, Man-at-Arms

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