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    ***Next 36hrs any deals done over $40 including Hot rod gets a gift included in the box. Soundwave gets 2 ****6AM EST wednesday

    Make offers No prices are set in stone. I have other things to sell but am not listing currently so tell me what you need from RID, Armada, Energon.

    PO Money orders only
    (If it does not say Misb next to it, it means complete no box)

    G1 Soundwave reissue #10 $75 shipped in the USA (velcro on box was not put on right at factory)

    G1 Hotrod reissue c-78 misb $40


    Predacon 3 pack $10


    Bulkhead $15
    Construticon Maximus $23
    Landmine $12
    Scorponok $15
    Mirage $12
    Roadblock and Inferno $7 each
    Hot shot and Powerlinx Hot shot $7 each

    Armada Unicron moon halves free to anybody willing to pay shipping

    All shipping is done by USPS unless request other shipping

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