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    Takara/Tomy Cybertron Commander Convoy (Optimus Prime)

    For Sale or trade. MegaSCF Super Collection Figure (2)
    1 tv version 1 metallic version.
    each includes an extra pair of hands and a hand w Primes gun molded.
    tv version includes an energon axe wich may be placed in his right hand
    as seen on the tv show. metallic version features Megatron in Walther P-38
    mode molded in his right hand so that he may hold that as well.
    Opened once...
    in excellent condition. boxes, figures and misc.
    pics available upon request
    price tags 39.95 on each originally placed there by original seller.
    These were purchased then displayed..then stored for the last six years.
    boxxes mostly in Chinese..has English writing.."THE TRUTH THE EYES HAVE SEEN BEFORE".....VERY COOL. Please cotact me for pictures of items.
    Thank You..."'til all are one."

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