For Sale (or Trade): Alternity Set

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    Up for sale is my Alternity Set:

    Looking to sell the set, not piece it out.

    All are sealed except one of the red Primes that I bought off ebay. All other figures are MISB.

    3 seekers
    3 Megatrons
    4 Primes
    1 Ultra Magnus
    1 Bee
    1 Cliffjumper

    Will trade for:
    1. Payment - Money is always good ($650 for complete set)
    2. Fansproject Bruiticus addons with Bruticus set & Fansproject Aerialbot addons with Aerialbots (All boxes must be included)
    3. Japan Family Mart exclusive ROTF Leader Crystal Prime(Black box) with payment (In Box)
    4. Amazon Japan Black ROTF Leader Prime with payment (In Box)
    5. Combo 4 & 5 - no payment
    6. Fansproject Shadow Scyther with either Black Rodimus/Wildrider(Fansproject In Box, figure complete)
    7. Takara ROTF Leader Set - Jetfire & Buster Prime with payment

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